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Fortify Yourself and Your Kin For A Dark Winter

Bill Collier- The possibilities of a dark winter, driven by the totalitarian ambitions of the Party in power and by the new varieties of “the virus”, are becoming ever more probable. Stocking up on essentials and husbanding your resources and money for dark times is part of the necessity, but so also is building mutual support, even if informally, among your local family and friends.

It is time to fortify yourself so that, like a mighty fortress in a dark winter fastness, you and your family can thrive and endure the coldest and most forbidding environment.

We can anticipate stock market swings, supply shortages, increased pressures to conform to the new cancel culture of alt-gendered depravity, more lockdowns and restrictions, and deplatforming of dissent, all under the twin guises of public health and allegations that all dissent equals insurrection.

Who can you trust to help you and have your back? Where can you live if you lose job and income? Do you have 6 months worth of necessities? What happens if you can’t get new prescriptions filled? How will you power your home or cook food and stay warm if utilities fail? What will you do for water if the water supply fails? How will you protect yourself or where will you flee to if violent rioters invade your neighborhood? Will local officials and local police back your rights against state or federal edicts or will they support the assault on your rights?

If you are not asking and finding answers to these questions, then this winter could be rather dark and foreboding to you and the pressure to abandon any semblance of your Christian or Jewish, or Muslim, faith in favor of the alt-gendered hedonistic culture and its authoritarianism may be too great to bear.

Three things should be noted: this may not materialize, it may materialize only here and there and not everywhere (albeit randomly), and, come what may, it isn’t likely to endure for more than another 3-9 months from when it begins. The force and means required to maintain such a regimen of top-down control and contravention of basic human rights are beyond the means of the present ruling class. They can’t print enough money or buy enough gangster goons to keep the pressure up forever: their hope is that through top-down imposition people will adopt their “new” barbaric ways and no longer need to be coerced so strongly.

The more prepared people are, the more connected to other people, the more likely this scenario will either fail to materialize or the shorter it will last once it begins.

A dark winter is very possible and the necessity to prepare and to intentionally connect to other people has never been greater in modern history.

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