2021 VA HOUSE ELECTION UPHELD AGAIN BY FEDERAL JUDGE – US District Judge David J Novak issued a 49-page ruling declaring the results of the 2021 Virginia House Election will not be re-run, despite efforts by the DNC to seek to overturn an election that saw them lose control of the Virginia Legislature, as well as the governorship.

Federal judge throws out second redistricting suit seeking new Va. House elections

From www.virginiamercury.com
2022-08-01 19:02:50


…In a 49-page opinion, U.S. District Judge David. J. Novak ruled the plaintiffs in the case don’t have standing to sue the state and the federal courts lack the authority to order a new election. With early voting for the 2022 elections set to begin next month, Monday’s ruling appears to be the end of the line for efforts to hold new House elections this year.

The case centered on the constitutionality of Virginia’s 2021 elections and the state’s seeming inability to redraw its political maps on schedule due to the late arrival of 2020 U.S. Census data. 

The legal challengers argued the state violated Virginians’ voting rights by failing to conduct redistricting on time…


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