California is the apex of the ‘promise’ that American leftism has to offer us.  Within those borders, the full-meal-moral-supremacist-deal version of the most left of left DNCism is being put to law and emergency edicts across that vast land.  California is what America hopes to become, according to the DNC,, now using every coercive means possibly to force us there, whethere we want California America or not.

That bastion of the DNC plan in action is the very force that Disney amplifies through its now terrible moral supremacism Marxo-Fascistic Anti-Americanism designed to please their Chinese moneybags.  Disney will use its monopolistic power to silence any dissent to the DNC plan now being enacted right there in California, only Disney doesn’t even want to live in its own dystopian plan it daily works to force on the rest of Americans.

Disney is picking up and leaving, as much as possible, the very controls it supports and utilizes where it can.  It’s heading to DeSantis land, home of the few remaining free, maybe, heading to the safe zone of Florida, bastion of liberty against a flood of Marxist control that this same company champions every day.

It’s hip to be Marxist, my dudes, Disney says, while it cuts  gay characters and minorities out of posters targeting that racist and bigoted fascist state, China, home to the Disney moneybag insurance policy that makes it feel so  bold being so viscious to America and Americans.  Now, Disney will continue to hate on America and Americans, from a place where they can more freely do business because the governor isn’t a Marxist, he’s an American.

Disney Begins Mass Exit From CA to FL, Overwhelms Housing Market

From insidethemagic.net
2021-11-15 16:41:52


Earlier this year, The Walt Disney Company confirmed that it would relocate over 2,000 jobs from its existing headquarters in Burbank, California to the Lake Nona community near Orlando, Florida.

At the time of the announcement in July 2021, the Orlando Business Journal shared:

Initially, the Disney campus will be home to imagineers and other professionals, but a specific site in Lake Nona has not been identified. The campus is expected to be a new building. A size wasn’t immediately known.

Most of the relocating professional roles will be related to Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Products division — which include theme parks — who are not fully dedicated to the Disneyland Resort. Walt Disney Co.’s headquarters will remain in California and the relocating jobs will represent less than 5% of the total number of Disney jobs in California.

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