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Defeating The New Totalitarianism One Neighborhood At A Time

The new totalitarianism is a weird combination of hedonistic alt-gendered self-indulgence, cancel culture bigotry, corporate monopolies, and neocommunist politicos all working together using bogeyman fears and utopian promises to alternatively bully and con the population into submission. The lust for power and control is matched by an opposite desire to be dominated and have all worries removed by some power that takes care of everything for you. This lust for power is also fueled by ego on one hand and desire to avoid personal responsibility on the other hand. It is all the worse vices working as one to advance the power of the few at the expense of the many.

Most of the fights to push back against this totalitarianism within our midst are focused on political outcomes and events, all still aimed at hoping to control who is in the highest offices. These fights are not as essential to the battle as many believe and in some ways are a distraction from the real needs and better tactics.

Totalitarianism thrives in crisis, material dependency, a concentration of wealth and power, and the loss of support for the individual through the institutions of faith, family, and community. When individuals regain material independency and restore their support through a revitalization of faith, family, and community, they destroy the reach and power of totalitarianism in their own lives and relationships. When this happens many hundreds of thousands of times, a core of liberated people emerges who have the means and resources to effect local then state and eventually national election outcomes and they hold enough economic weight that corporations who try to cancel them get canceled themselves.

Building freedom is primarily a local effort that begins with you as an individual with your own immediate family and friends connecting in order to become as self-reliant and prosperous as possible!

Do you want to be controlled by power-mad politicians and corporations whose values you find reprehensible? Or would you prefer to be governed by your own values and to enjoy the mutual support of others who deeply share your values and beliefs?

We basically believe that close-knit collaborative relationships seeking absolute mutual self-reliance and material independency require a high degree of organic cohesiveness that shallow, braod-based coalitions of people whose core values are not deeply aligned cannot obtain. The larger coalitions needed to win an election cannot be translated to the kind of close-knit collaborative relationships needed to obtain material independency within the framework of your essential spiritual and moral convictions.

One breakthrough idea we have is the concept of intentional spiritual nationhood, which is meant to enable people to create a shared identity that reflects their beliefs and allows anyone who uses that identity to easily connect with anyone else who does. When people have such a voluntary shared identity, when it reflects their own beliefs, values, and convictions, they can connect and collaborate naturally, organically, without a top-down controlling hierarchy dictating things to them.

To build such an identity we both offer principles and an example. The “Upadarian” national identity is a form of spiritual nationhood with a Christian core identity and a set of specific ideals, principles, and practices which we might say are based on convictions that aren’t essential Christian dogma but that define that national people group.

Anyone who is a Christian and who embraces the shared convictions of this “national people”, which are spelled out in “The 17 Protocols of Upadaria”, can be a Upadarian. They have nothing to join and no human hierarchy to answer to in this decision or how they will pursue it in their life. The presence of organizations and structures that are based in whole or in part on this identity should never be conflated with the identity itself.

This is the kind of organic cohesiveness needed for small and strictly voluntary groups of people to function together in order to both acheive material independency and nurture their shared beliefs, values, and convictions. It is possible for broader coalitions of people to acheive some degree of mutual self-reliance, but if your own beliefs, values, and convictions are not nurtured, the benefit of such a group is limited.

Material independency is essential to defeating totalitarianism in our lives, relationships, and neighborhoods but spiritual and sociocultural as well as socioeconomic autonomy within a nurturing and totally free-will participatory community of fellow travelers is essential to a material independency that nurtures your own beliefs, values, and convictions.

To simply be materially independent without having your own beliefs supported and valued is of little use to your own long-term spiritual and mental well-being. One needs both spiritual and cultural independency and material independency, but spiritual and cultural independency is a necessary prerequisite to the kind of material independency that makes you truly free!

Our focus is threefold in this arena of local liberation: we promote a specific form of spiritual nationhood, we nurture compatible forms of nationhood consistent with our freedom vision, and we promote broader coalitions of people for mutual support on a group-to-group, multilateral, basis.

Holding local seminars or gatherings to find the right people may be essential to our efforts to build local self-reliance.

Building a local self-reliance and mutual support community should begin with identifying and gathering people who might wish to adopt your shared form of spiritual nationhood. Once they realize that through adopting this intentional form of spiritual nationhood they can collaborate more freely and without any hierarchical control, they will be able to quickly devise ways to be more socioculturally and then materially independent.

We do explore ways people can become more independent, but the focus of this article is on the necessity of forming local ad hoc groups that have a high degree of organic cohesiveness, such as a shared form of nationhood. When you know 20 people who live near you and who share your beliefs, values, and convictions who also have your back, as you do theirs, you will see many new opportunities to become more materially independent together, through mutual efforts.

Let’s focus here on this: creating a group of 20 or more local people who are each all connected to each other for mutual benefit and support and whose beliefs, values, and convictions are in total harmony. Forget everything else for a minute; if you achieve this your options and opportunities to be more free will grow exponentially.

All these efforts to build freedom without building these close-knit local mutual-benefit and mutual self-reliance groups based on strong organic cohesiveness are like going to war without an army. Sure, large groups can be quickly drawn together if the initial cost of engagement is really low, but such groups are undisciplined mobs easily defeated by much smaller and more cohesive groups!

If you want to be free, you need a local group of people with amazing organic cohesiveness who can work together informally or formally to deliberately create material independency while nurturing their shared beliefs, values, and convictions. While we suggest the breakthrough concept of intentional spiritual nationhood as a means to obtain this end, your particular approach simply needs to ensure that the common thread for all members is a deeply held set of beliefs, values, and convictions all within some for of shared ideals, principles, and practices which become the acceptable norms and standards of the group.

If, for instance, you read and pray over and feel drawn to the 17 Protocols of Upadaria as representing your own innermost beliefs, values, and convictions then you could find people who might agree, introduce them to these things, and, for those who feel the same way, begin to build your own local group who agree to work toward mutual self-reliance and mutual support until everyone is material independent.

Through “The Blue Book of Upadaria”, we will provide some ideas and blueprints you can use, but any group who simply use the 17 Protocols can begin building mutual self-reliance and mutual support in their own way. This is entirely autonomous.

This does not mean YOU have to use our 17 Protocols. You can build your own form of intentional spiritual nationhood use some other form of organic cohesiveness. The point is that groups of 20 people or more who strive together to build mutual self-reliance are essential to building freedom and defeating totalitarianism one neighborhood at a time!

If you desire freedom and independence, you MUST decide to work toward finding those 20 or more local people with whom mutual benefit and mutual self-reliance are possible through organic cohesiveness. If you say you cannot do this because “nobody here will do that”, first, we caution that this may not be so, but, second, and if it is true, then maybe you need to move.

Through platforms like the Freedomist and other means, you can connect to other people virtually and gain some degree of support. They may also be a handy way to gather or meet local people who are outside of your present circle but who share your beliefs. What is essential in all this is to know that the closer your group of 20 or more fellow travelers are on beliefs and physical proximity the easier it will be to obtain material independency.

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