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Creating Local Mutual Support Networks- A Freedomist Club

Socializing inside a Freedomist Club may not seem like a path to liberation and prosperity, but connecting with people just as committed to freedom as you is actually very useful and perhaps even necessary.

The main idea of a Freedomist Club is that it would be a physical space, as opposed to just virtual, where club members gather for social activities, for collaboration on freedom building projects, and to practice some form of mutual self-reliance. While much can be done virtually, there are things in person we can do to make connections that are difficult online. Moreover, having a social life you can enjoy with others who share your love for this country and our freedom is a refreshing change from watching fake news or arguing with woke communists online.

As we gather people and gain resources, one of our hopes is to create a charter/licensing program that allows Freedomists to get together locally and form their own Freedomist Club for mutual support, social activities, and, of course, freedom building activism in their own community. We believe Freedom must go on the offensive, albeit through peaceful and legal means and by winning hearts back to America’s true manifest destiny.

This true and God-given manifest destiny involves the deliberate creation of a free and pluralistic society of equals which includes every citizen and organically builds up an American identity that truly transcends race or anything that divides us and that is itself rooted in our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. While we insist the underlying core ideology of America is the spiritual constitution of our four core ideals as understood from a Judeo-Christian worldview, our free and pluralistic society is by no means limited to Jews, Christians, and people who may be non-religious but who embrace a Judeo-Christian worldview.

A Freedomist Club would potentially do the following:

1. It would be a social gathering place, with either an on-site restaurant that also serves alcohol or a lodge-type social quarters where people bring their own items

2. It would both include a library dedicated to American history and the history and philosophy of freedom and engage in public outreach to educate people and truly revive within them a love for freedom and respect for human rights, human dignity, and human flourishing that the woke communists and other authoritarians lack

3. It would conduct a campaign to secure a majority of voters, regardless of Party, who agree to not vote for any candidate or office-holder who does not support the Bill of Rights in their most generous interpretation, according to a high standard of original spirit and intent, and for the benefit of every single American citizen of every demographic, class, or wherever they live

4. It would operate a local people-powered free press using the RAWE News Model to be a resource, to be an advocate, to be a watchdog, and to do so in an entertaining and educational manner

5. It would create a Caucus of all local citizens who signed the Freedomist Pledge within the Club’s Meeting Hall to engage in discourse, make resolutions, and issue instructions and remonstrances to elected officials and anyone with a public trust, promising a boycott of their business/organization or a vote against them for not taking heed

5. Its members would agree, and form smaller groups for mutual support, to always have each other’s back in upholding their fellow member’s rights, persons, and property from all hazards and abuse by any entity, public or private, foreign or domestic- they would cancel the cancel culture

These Clubs would do many other things as well, as many as members can connect through their own collaboration and engagement with one another and as we, through The Freedomist website, email list, and Freedomist groups within our new platform (Upadaria), share ideas and insights from other groups.

We desire to see these Clubs at some level operating in every US County of more than 5,000 people and to see 3 or more within every single US Congressional District. Each Club will have the national legal and logistical support of a nationwide network so that in extremely unfriendly areas our members would be free to operate and broadcast their message, in accordance with the Bill of Rights.

Freedom must take the offensive in every US Congressional District and every town and village or city neighborhood where we can gather, organize, and mobilize fellow Americans as freedom builders. To do that, we must move from virtual to local, using the virtual to connect millions of people across vast spaces and also to connect local people who then meet and collaborate in face-to-face gatherings.

The war on freedom is decades long and the battles we must now fight to reverse this and begin building freedom in our lives, families, and communities must occur over many years even as we also fight larger scale battles to build freedom in our Counties and States as well as the whole country in all of its institutions.

Like Reagan, our goal is to peacefully end this long “cold civil war” between woke communism and American freedom, our goal is to vanquish the woke communists and replace them, through peaceful use of electoral, social, and free market processes, with freedom loving Americans who put this country before some alien ideology of power and control.

We aim to vanquish the woke communists, not just slow down their deconstruction of this country into a third-world totalitarian hellscape, a mass of undifferentiated beings without gender, family, or faith who are led around by nose at the hands of a power-made ruling class.

We want nothing less than to win over our fellow Americans to the cause of freedom and to make everything associated with this woke communist cancel culture authoritarianism absolutely baneful in the eyes of most everyone in every demographic and every locale in this land. Our aim is the total liberation and freedom from authoritarianism and even poverty for every single American citizen in this land.

We desire a free, pluralistic, prosperous, safe, and happy America built around such staples of civilization as family, faith, community, and a totally free and just marketplace of goods and ideas (all on a strictly voluntary basis) where nobody is left behind.

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