Worldwide, the offices of the International Olympic Committee and Corporate Sponsors of the Beijing Olympics are being met with angry protestors who don’t believe a country that so egregiously violates the basic rights of its citizens should not be hosting a celebration of world peace through sport that the Olympics represents.

As Beijing Winter Olympics Near, Global Protests Target IOC and Corporate Sponsors

From chinadigitaltimes.net
2022-01-07 21:32:27
Oliver Young


With the Beijing Winter Olympics less than one month away, activists have seized the moment to spotlight China’s human rights violations and corporate complicity in said violations. On Tuesday, Tibetan and Uyghur activists from several human rights organizations held protests in dozens of cities around the world as part of a Global Day of Action to demand an Olympic boycott. In the run-up to the Olympic opening ceremony, scheduled for February 4, the Chinese government and its critics seem likely to continue competing for control of the narrative, as global condemnation persists

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