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Month: November 2010

There Will Be No Ratification Of The U.S.

Senator Jon Kyl, Republican of Arizona, says there is not enough time to resolve all the issues in a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia during the lame-duck session of Congress. Drew Angerer/The New York Times The Senate’s No. 2 Republican said Tuesday that he opposed a vote this year on President Barack Obama’s signature arms control treaty, dealing a blow to a top White House foreign policy priority and possibly to U.S.-Russian relations. Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona said there wasn’t time to deal with his concerns over a treaty that would cut U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear weapons deployments by about one third and restore weapons inspections that were halted nearly a year ago. Treaty ratification requires 67 votes in the Senate. Mr. Kyl’s decision likely pushes a vote to next year, when the Senate Democratic majority shrinks to 53 from 58. Read more …. GOP senator deals setback to nuclear treaty — Yahoo News/AP U.S. drive to ratify nuclear treaty faces setback — Yahoo News/Reuters Key GOP figure rejects quick vote on New START nuclear treaty — L.A. Times Kyl statement deals serious setback to Obama’s push for START — Washington Post Arms Treaty With Russia Hits Snag as G.O.P. Balks — New York Times Sen. Kyl dampens administration hopes for ratification of arms treaty — Washington Post Nuclear Arms Treaty Unlikely to Pass...

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Daily Freedomist- Freedom News Top Stories- 11-16-10

Pakistan pressed to release Asia Bibi- China funds drug gangs in Mexico- Mexican Border Towns abandoned to drug gangs- Fortress America through TSA patdowns- Center tries to gut Christian values from Tea Party- Unions get Obamacare wavers- Earmark battle and Tea Parties- Disclose Act fading- Cap and Trade last bid- China gets fastest computer- American Hunger- Bitly Bundles- Climate Change needs abortions

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Daily Freedomist- Freedom News Top Stories- 11-15-10

China Canal in Central America- Obama calls Indonesia tolerant- Media brainwashing- Naked Scanners mean US surrender- Asia Bibi Freedom- EPA cap and trade enforcement- Paycheck Fairness on docket- Bachmann, the teaparty, and the GOP- Failed Asia Tour for Obama- Gold Standard Buzz- DNA breakthrough- China hoards rare earth metals

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