The goal of this column is to present news from around the world that is not often – if ever – covered by more mainstream entities, using local sources wherever possible, but occasionally using news aggregators not used, again, by the mainstream media. Also, please note that we do use links to Wikipedia; while Wikipedia is well-known as a largely-useless site for any kind of serious research, it does serve as a launch-pad for further inquiry, in addition to being generally free of malicious ads. As with anything from Wikipedia, always verify their sources before making any conclusions based on their pages.

This column will cover the preceding week of news.

To make it easier for readers to follow story source links: anytime you see a bracketed number marked in green – [1] – those are the source links relating to that story.


North America

The ongoing “Strategy of Tension” continued across the United States this week, with a continuing wave of hoax bomb threats being called in to various locations, primarily colleges and technical schools; curiously, several nursing schools were also on the call roster. As noted previously, many of the source links below refer to multiple calls and threats being made to schools in a given area. [1]-[13] In a few cases, actual devices were discovered, and in two cases, arrests were made. [14]-[16]

One interesting aspect of the devices being recovered, is that few, if any of them, were actually triggered. It remains to be seen, if this is a deliberate tactic, or if it is simply poor assembly.

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In Nigeria, terrorist and bandit violence continues, as the wave of ambushes, kidnappings, targeted murders, skirmishing and violence continue, seemingly without respite.

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In Somalia, heavy fighting was reported in a the villages of Yeed, Aato and Washaaqo along the country’s ill-defined border with Ethiopia. Reports – as usual in the area – remain sketchy, but it appears that Al-Shabaab fighters attacked detachments of Ethiopian regional police operating in that area of Somalia by agreement with Somali authorities, striking directly at the towns of Yeed and Aato, while also launching what appears to be “spoiling attack” on Washaaqo, to pin possible reinforcements.

[Source 1] – [Source 2]



Middle East

As in Nigeria, scattered fighting continued apace throughout the Middle East, this week. Turkish forces inside Syria and Iraq continued to launch drone and artillery strikes on essentially any armed force that is not Turkish. [1]-[3] Further south, in Iraq, several Iraqi troops have been killed in skirmishes with remnant Islamic State terrorists. [4]

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South Asia

In Afghanistan, a local-area Taliban commander was reportedly killed near the city of Kunduz, by unknown gunmen. This comes as a recent UN report concluded that IS-Khorasan and other groups are gaining ground in securing footholds in Afghanistan, as the Taliban’s hold on the country is increasingly shaky. This has the potential to return the world to the situation as it stood in 2001, with Afghanistan becoming a base-area, yet again, for terrorists from around the world.

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In Pakistan, scattered attacks were reported, including a bombing of a girls’ school in the port of Gwadar, and a grenade attack on Frontier Corps (FC) police, that wounded a total of four people, including an FC officer.

[Source 1] – [Source 2]


In India, aside from the long-running violence in Jammu & Kashmir [1]-[6], the only issues of note were a hoax bomb threat against a private school and a bomb attack that injured one woman, being blamed on Naxalite activity. [7][8]

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Finally, reports from Myanmar are emerging that the ethnic Arakan Army group has claimed to have killed several government soldiers and captured as many as thirteen more, including at least one officer. Myanmar, ruled by a military junta since 2021, has seen an increasing number of rebels actively attacking its forces since it’s seizure of power.





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