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The Left’s Unholy Need for Abortion Exposes Their Human-Hating Ideology

The Minnesota Abortion Action Coalition (MNAAC) is now demanding that the state not fund pregnancy crisis centers that don’t murder unborn children.  In other words, to abortionists, the only proper medical procedure for pregnancy is abortion.  If that sounds genocidal, you would be correct.

Here is the blurb from one of these genocide-supporting websites, now larping as the social and cultural voice of humanity, while also singularly working to exterminate the human race.


Minnesota Abortion Action Coalition demands no state funding for ‘crisis pregnancy centers’


On September 16, the newly formed Minnesota Abortion Action Coalition (MNAAC) held its second action outside of Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s residence. MNAAC demanded that state officials put an end to state funding for crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and other manipulative, anti-abortion organizations throughout the state. Since 2005, the state of Minnesota has spent $3.4 million per year on CPCs.

CPCs are “clinics” that claim to offer medical services for pregnant individuals, yet they rarely have any trained medical professionals on staff. CPCs offer misleading or simply false medical information regarding birth control, sexual health and abortion – while using religiously-charged propaganda to manipulate vulnerable individuals out of having an abortion. In Minnesota, crisis pregnancy centers…

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Note the phrase in the blurb “that claim to offer medical services for pregnant individuals” and the phrase “while using religiously-charged propaganda to manipulate vulnerable individuals out of having an abortion.”

The first phrase exposes their pathology, that abortion is a medical necessity for pregnancy treatment.  They don’t want children to be created for they challenge their hold on the now, the only part of our experience that matters (though they justify their anti-human prescriptions for society based wholly on diluted, untrue, out-of-context history claims).  The left is an idol maker where everyone gets to be part of the one true god, the social, the type of social that prevents the future from happening and wipes out the past lest you realize how false the claims of the left truly are.

The second phrase exposes their hypocrisy.  On one hand, they claim neutrality, that godlessness is the starting and ending assumption of godlessness.  They reject morality based on God, which means they reject morality entirely, something you must do to convince people it’s ok to exterminate their own species.

In my personal journey to discern the reality of the world around me, I explored the canon of leftism, as I have done with the canon of rightism (which has its own flaws, though not as critically unhuman as the flaws of the left).  As many might imagine, there are ‘good’ things to be found in leftist canon (mostly stolen Christian values subverted by godless ones), but abortion is most assuredly the necessary underlying morality that must be perpetuated if you are to believe the lie of leftism, that individuals only exist in the social, that the social is more real than the individual.

If the unborn child is sacred, then individuals are sacred, without the “proper” social vehicle to live that sacredness out.  This undermines their murder authority, the authority to pronounce death to those that interfere with their dark fantasy of creating a self-consuming society.

I am naturally an open person willing to explore diverse worldviews, so naturally I considered leftist thought on its face, and not according to the polemics of its opponents.  While I never considered myself a leftist, I was more than willing to understand them in an attempt to ‘negotiate’ peaceful living with them.

I discovered in my studies that no such peace is possible with an ideology that has as its core a bloodthirsty need to exterminate the human race in the name of ‘equality.’  That truth was laid out in how the left responded to the rise of rightfully anti-abortionist laws created by states such as Texas and Florida.

While some of the laws have constitutional issues in how they are enforced (at least in my opinion, and specifically the Texas law), the land that rejects sub humanizing the most vulnerable among us is a healthy land, the land that embraces the shedding of innocent blood to pay for the sins of the mothers and fathers that contributed to their creation (all life is created by God).

The reaction to the left was to use the power of its tech assassins, especially Twitter, to destroy human beings that are against murdering unborn children.  In the mind of the leftist, abortion is love and being opposed to murdering unborn babies is hate.  Why, to the leftist it’s worst to oppose abortion than it is to be attracted to them sexually.  To the leftist the MAP (minor-attracted-person) is to be protected from “persecution” by self-righteous religious purists while their own religious purity requires daily blood sacrifices from the most innocent among us.

Seeing the reaction of the left to the undoing of child sacrifices to their social god, Moloch, convinced me finally to close the door on the leftist canon and close the door on attempting to live in a society that tolerates such violent genocidal maniacs from having ANY significant power in our lands.

Unless and until America repents of her murderous Moloch ways and wholly rejects the criminal ideology of leftism, her days are numbered.  She will be a stench to her own people and a stench to the people around her.  America cannot be a republic and support murdering our most vulnerable citizens so that other citizens can keep on sinning, unrepentant, believing falsely they can be sexually promiscuous, having sex outside of marriage, and yet suffer no consequences for the whoring the land not only allows, but endorses, not only allows, but coercively forces its citizens to celebrate.

May God have mercy on our reprobate souls.

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