We face a greater threat to our rights, persons, and property from the alleged counter-measures to the Chicom Pandemic (Covid-19) than from the virus itself. The totalitarianism being justified in the name of “safety” will not go away and will lead to many lost lives and a dramatic loss of quality of life and freedom. The same authorities who FUNDED the “gain of function research” that turned a bat virus into a deadly and mutating virus are using the chaos they created as a justification for the totalitarian dreams they have long harbored.

The Coronareich must be defied. Totalitarianism cannot thrive in an environment of active resistance. Not defying the Coronareich regimen is basically admitting that you deserve the chains being wrapped around you. Just say no. Risk all, many WILL suffer and be deprived of life, liberty, and wealth but the fight is for the future and if we step up now then our progeny won’t grow up on a Coronareich Dictatorship.

Today in America, the Democratic Party is the leading proponent of this totalitarianism, but we must be on guard and not assume the Republicans are the polar opposite or the freedom alternative. The Republicans are led by unscrupulous collaborators who imagine on their fetid minds that the totalitarianism being pursued by Democrats won’t be used against them personally.

Is it nutty and outlandish or fringe to use terms like the coronareich or the corpostate and the totalitarianism of the Democratic Party to describe what is actually happening now? Anyone who cannot or will not see this as factual is ignorant and foolish and their lack of an energetic defense of freedom is a betrayal both to America’s founders and our collective progeny.

We need to create a massive freedom movement that can mobilize millions of people at any time for things like protests, counter-protests, protection of people from Democratic paid rioters, boycotts buycotts, and more. We need to create a virtual to local activist corps with chapters in every US Congressional District and every County or Parish.

Just as the “war on terror” resulted in the totalitarian “Patriot Act”, led by Republicans, and that war suffered ignominious defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, so too the Coronareich won’t stop the pandemic but will only result in more totalitarian INTOLERABLE ACTS. The goal is your serfdom, the suppressing of your human dignity and human rights and the denial of your human flourishing through the plundering of the fruits of your labors.

The end game of the coronareich is for every country to be a totalitarian state of some kind and for the world at large to be run as a satrapy of the global corporate ruling class. Understand that the very, very rich and the ruling class in corporate and government circles are actively engaged in a now collaborative effort to end freedom and introduce modern serfdom to most all human beings. Remember, six corporations control 90% of all US news and media and most all trade and commerce is controlled through the services and platforms of less than a dozen mega corporations whose leaders are all totalitarian loons.

The time for open communication and collaboration using the internet controlled by the ruling class is running out. The time when this internet will ALLOW anything like this to be said openly is drawing to a close.

The Coronareich has zero, nothing, nada, to do with health or safety or defeating a virus funded by Fauci and mishandled by the CCP. It is 100% about total control and domination over your life and plundering the fruits of your labor so billionaire thugs like Bezos can spend billions to go into space.

We need YOU to help fund our efforts to build a country-wide network of autonomous local Freedomist chapter groups who will work to transform their communities and counties into Freedom Sanctuaries that will defy the Coronareich regime being created by the filthy rich few at the hands of the working majority. Subscribe today!

As Freedomists we PLEDGE to uphold the rights, persons, and property of our fellow citizens against all hazards, foreign and domestic, official or unofficial, by all legal and ethical means but with our whole being and sacred honor and courageous determination. This website is the start of a country-wide movement, led by LOCAL autonomous but interdependent chapter groups as the vanguard of liberty in a land governed by a totalitarian ruling class who have no moral code other than their own aggrandizement.