The Talibsan have failed to heed the call by the West and America to respect the rights of women in numerous ways, many of which have been documented right here.  Once again, the Taliban have telegraphed their lack of comittment to seek to create a level playing field for people regardles of their gender, or even non-gender, for that matter.

The Cabinet has been announced, and, to the dismay of many and surprise of none, the Taliban chose not to select a woman in their Cabinet, or, really, anyone not part of their particular Islamic denomination who also happens to be male.  The Taliban have eschewed the values of diversity and equality.

Taliban Name All-Male Cabinet : NPR

From www.npr.org
2021-09-21 13:47:14
The Associated Press

 The Taliban expanded their interim Cabinet by naming more ministers and deputies on Tuesday, but failed to appoint any women, doubling down on a hard-line course despite the international outcry that followed their initial presentation of an all-male government lineup earlier this month.

The international community has said that it will judge the Taliban by their actions, and that recognition of a Taliban-led government would be linked to the treatment of women and minorities.

In their previous rule of Afghanistan in the late 1990s, the Taliban, who adhere to a harsh interpretation of Islam, had barred girls and women from schools, work and public life.

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