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Taiwan Prepares for Biological, Electronic Chinese Attack in War Games

Taiwan Prepares for Biological, Electronic Chinese Attack in War Games

Taiwan is not playing games when it comes to the China threat, which is why it’s playing games, war games, that is.  In these war games, the Taiwanese prepared for a biological and electronic attack that might be launched by the Chinese.

Taiwan simulates Chinese biological and electronic attacks in war game

2021-09-13 22:02:00



TAIPEI — Taiwan began annual military exercises Monday that prepared for a full-scale invasion by China, including response to biological and chemical warfare.

The five-day live-fire portion of the Han Kuang exercise kicked off early Monday morning in eastern Taiwan, an area China considers a weak link. F-16V and Mirage 2000 fighter jets were dispatched to simulate a response to an armed invasion.

The drills come during a month in which 19 Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, and in the wake of Chinese exercises that analysts say were intended to simulate an invasion across the Taiwan Strait. Taipei is responding by pouring money into missiles and other investments that it hopes will help level an uneven playing field.

The Han Kuang exercise, held every year since 1984, spans Taiwan’s main island as well as outlying islands, incorporating ground, sea and air forces. It envisions a wide range of avenues of potential attack — not only missiles, but also landing operations, electronic warfare, cyberattacks and bioweapons.

In the southern city of Tainan, a biological agent containment exercise was held in response to a mock assault where troops were attacked by bioweapons.

Soldiers were promptly sent to nearby hospitals to be treated by civilian doctors, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported. The military also rehearsed its procedures for the decontamination of vehicles and equipment during the Tainan drill.

A drill scheduled for Wednesday in the southern county of Pingtung will have F-16s practice takeoffs and landings using regular roads as runways, in case the air base there is destroyed by a ballistic-missile strike.

Taiwan, being much weaker militarily than China, has adopted an asymmetric defense strategy centering on the main island that aims to keep Beijing’s forces at as great a distance as possible, delaying an invasion and buying time for the U.S. or other powers to intervene.

President Tsai Ing-wen has put particular…


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