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Russia Looks to China for Security

Russia is reaching out to China to become more closely integrated with one another’s security interests.  A recent visit by Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the national Security Council, sought to create closer security ties with China.  Patrushev is considered an inside man in the Putin Kremlin.


Russia seeks closer security ties with China as key goal

A top Russian security official declared Monday on a visit to China that the Kremlin considers beefing up ties with Beijing as a top policy goal.

Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the national Security Council chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin, described the “strengthening of comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation with Beijing as an unconditional priority of Russia’s foreign policy.”

Patrushev is one of Putin’s closest associates. Speaking during a meeting with Guo Shengkun, a top official of China’s Communist Party, he said “in the current conditions, our countries must show even greater readiness for mutual support and development of cooperation.”

Patrushev’s office said in a terse statement after the talks in the Chinese city of Nanping that the parties agreed to “expand information exchanges on countering extremism and foreign attempts to undermine the constitutional order of both countries in order to derail independent…


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