The myriad of federal and state laws and regulations individuals, let alone major corporate entities, have to follow mean it is impossible to follow them all unless you are a perfect human being. Basically this means we are all counted as suspects and if some prosecutor decides they want to take us down, they need only spend a few years and million of dollars to manufacture charges against us.

Based on the chicken-scratch “crimes” of not counting benefits properly and therefore not paying taxes on them, a New York political hack prosecutor has ginned up indictments against Trump Organization members and the corporate entity itself. The goal is to roast the victims until they offer something juicy to eventually put Trump in chains.

This is blatant abuse and this exposes how the massive, inarticulate, and confusing tax code, plus all the other codes, are not used to protect us but to hamstring us and make it easy to take us down when some hack gets a hankering for our hides.

To the right, as in to anyone on the right who becomes a vocal critic of the left, it’s all political prosecutions based on the smallest violations of laws and regulations none of us can possibly follow. But, to the left, even when laws are blatantly violated, as in Hilary Clinton’s illegal private server, the cover-up is in force, officials and prosecutors seek only to make it all no big deal.

One wonders how all this will play out, whether the intended victims, anyone to the right of Marx it seems, will take this lying down. If indeed a former President and billionaire can be taken down on some petty and inconsequential charges, when the likelihood every lefty billionaire is doing MUCH WORSE every day, then who is safe?

The need to destroy Trump is really a desire to put the rest of us in our place.

But will we go quietly into the night?