We might just have a cure for aging, and, in current year, the cure is more than ironic.  That cure is a vaccine.  While we in 2022 find ourselves 2 plus years into Covid lockdown heck, under the gun of vaccine mandates or making a living, scientists are developing a vaccine that could cure, or at least significantly slow down, the disease that is aging.

Vaccine found to get rid of cells behind diseases due to aging : Futurology

From www.reddit.com
2022-01-11 17:31:15

Researchers studying the causes and process of developing age-related health issues developed a vaccine to eliminate cells in the human body that are believed to trigger arterial sclerosis and other diseases.

The team led by a professor from Juntendo University in Tokyo said the effects of the vaccine were confirmed through experiments using mice.

“Most disorders that elderly patients tend to develop can be targeted (by the vaccine),” said Toru Minamino, a professor of cardiovascular internal medicine at the university’s graduate school.

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