After declaring they would not let any more Afghanis leave Afghanistan, after threatening America for encouraging Afghanis to leave, the Taliban have reversed course and announced they WILL let the Afghanis leave that want to leave. This announcement came in the form of a joint statement by multiple nations, including the United States and the UK. The veracity thereof, in terms of its fulfillment, remains uncertain and, frankly, is a weak hook upon which to hang your hat.

Basically, those invoking this guarantee to justify the cut-and-run strategy that has stranded thousands are likely whistling past the graveyard of their own political fortunes. The likelihood the Taliban will genuinely fulfill this is just not great and the politicos invoking this empty promise know that full well.

Taliban Will Let Afghans Leave, Say US, UK, Other Countries In Statement

From www.ndtv.com
2021-08-29 18:18:31


“We have received assurances from the Taliban,” the joint statement said


The Taliban will allow all foreign nationals and Afghan citizens with travel authorisation from another country to leave Afghanistan, according to a joint statement issued by Britain, the United States and other countries.

“We have received assurances from the Taliban that all foreign nationals and any Afghan citizen with travel authorization from our countries will be allowed to proceed in a safe and orderly manner to points of departure and travel outside the country,” they said in the statement.

The statement said the countries, which also included Australia, Japan, France, Spain and many others, would continue to issue travel documents to designated Afghans.

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