Tom Klingenstein is a playwright, businessman, and academic whose true north has always been threefold: loving America, fighting for freedom, and upholding vital values and core institutions which are essential to an advanced civilization. His latest speech, found at tomklingenstein.com, is called “Winning The Cold Civil War” and is both a rallying call to those opossed to the totalitarianism stalking the halls of Congress and the White House and to GOP leadership who seem to not recognize the severity and intensity of the woke communist threat to our freedom.

Klingenstein states in the speech, “Winning a war requires two fundamental understandings. First, you must understand that you are, in fact, in a war. War time requires very different rhetoric, strategy and people than peace time. Trump is a wartime leader. Second, you must understand your enemy, what it wants and how it goes about getting what it wants. What our enemy wants is the destruction of the American way of life. It goes about it by trying to force everyone to say ‘America is systemically racist.’ If it can convince us of this falsehood, it will be well on its way to overturning the American way of life. Every time Joe Biden accuses America of being systemically racist, he is, though he doesn’t know it, calling for the overthrow of the American way of life.”

After detailing the true agenda of the woke communists and their tactics of delegitimizing America itself, Klingenstein focuses on the GOP’s role in fighting back, a role that Party has, in our estimation, abdicated.

“What should we do about all this? The essential thing, as I’ve tried to stress, is for Republicans to understand we are in a war and then act accordingly. War is not a time for too much civility, compromise, or for imputing good motives to the enemy. Our generals must fight as if the choice were between liberty and death. This is no time for sunshine patriots”, Klingenstein opined.

The effort to cancel America itself and replace it with woke communism, what we have called a new brand of communist totalitarianism that couples state and corporate power for authoritarian ends, has been barely acknowledged by the Republicans, who we often call a collaboration party for that reason.

May Tom’s rousing and intelligent call to action be seen by millions and embraced by all. Watch the speech and share it far and wide.