At some point, we in the news world became largely dependent on traffic from social media sites rather than placement  in google search results, especially those of us in the bottom tier of scale as far as newsing is concerned.

Twitter was once a relaible source for traffic to news websites, but, in time, it became more and more difficult for smaller scale operations to get any results worth any time that might be spent to get those results.  Facebook, however, continued to be a great driver of news traffic to news websites, such as ours.  And even as I write this, Facebook continues to be a major driver of traffic to this site as well, though not nearly as signficantly as it once was.

We at The Freedomist have been working on other methods of traffic generation with an awareness that Facebook should not be looked upon as a secure space to set up shop for any significant period of  time.  We have in our network multiple Facebook pages, some of which have well over 100k likes, but we view these almost as ghosts still able to produce a few worthwhile results for a little while longer.

WIth the news that facebook will be throttling political content, which is most news these days, since everything is political now, we can expect to have even less traffic from Facebook than we already have,  and many other operations such as ours will as well, which might cause some short-term for some (some more than others), but will produce longterm gains in terms of leading more and more people to build social media sharing platforms that are more stable and more free speech rooted in their method of governance, and more fundamentally aligned with the spirit of the Bill of rights and not the CCP or DNC or even GOP for that matter.

Facebook’s continued zeal to be the moral gatekeeper of socety is leading it to conclude its poor uneducated roobs that utlize its platform are hardly smart enough to discern for themselves what they find offensive, what they find misleading, what they find good, what they find bad.  For this reason, Facebook will try to hide all those flame-shooting links that might upset the poor delicates who can hardly dress themselves each morning let alone think for themselves.

This means the political links gots ta goes, and Facebook gives the primary drivers of traffic to their platform, news creators,  more incentive to develop better non-Facevook ways to get traffic to their websites.

Facebook to downrank political content, hurting news publishers

From www.washingtonexaminer.com
2021-08-31 16:08:42
Nihal Krishan


Facebook will reduce the amount of political content on its news feed due to negative user feedback, a move that could hurt news publishers and those that post about politics, according to reports Tuesday.

The social media giant will reduce political content by not relying so heavily on its content engagement algorithm, which focuses on the likelihood that a user will share or comment on a post based on past behavior, Axios reported .

It will also start to experiment with limits on how much political content people outside of the United States will see on their news feeds, including countries such as Costa Rica, Sweden, Spain, and Ireland.

Facebook announced in February that it would look into ways to reduce political content on the platform to better meet the needs of users, it said. According to the company, an average of 6% of a user’s feed represents political content.

“There has been this trend, I think, across society…


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