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It’s NOT Whataboutism To Criticize An Imbalanced Legal Scale

By Bill Collier

It’s not whataboutism to cite the fact the DOJ comes down heavy and hard on the slightest things Republicans may do wrong and ignores the gross and out in the open misdeeds of Democrats. The claim is not that anyone is above the law, the claim is that the DOJ gags at a gnat to prosecute and destroy Republicans while swallowing the camel of massive misdeeds by Democrats. It is an uneven and crooked balance.

Anyone claiming “Trump isn’t above the law” and then saying that us citing how major Democrats like Clinton get a pass is “whataboutism” is not an honest broker and is not arguing in good faith. They know full well that criticism of a legal system that makes the misdeeds of some carry a far higher weight than the misdeeds of others is injustice.

These same people, rightly I think, question how crimes are prosecuted against the poor or minorities versus how they are not prosecuted for the rich or majority ethnicity. To gag at a gnat to destroy people on one side while swallowing a camel on the other side is injustice.

If you don’t think it matters that Hillary got off without consequences, or an FBI raid, for the very same thing the partisan FBI allegedly raided Trump for after spending YEARS falsely and illegally getting warrants to spy on him and destroy anyone associated with him, then you are inept or dishonorable or both.

If you don’t think the burying of Epstein clients and the lack of prosecution against them by the same DOJ that is trying to jail Steve Bannon for a process crime matters, then you are not arguing at all in good faith.

If you think the DOJ should not be investigating Hunter and Joe Biden to either prosecute or clear them of serious allegations based on publicly known and verified evidence, while they try to destroy Trump, matters, then you have no moral compass.

Again, criticizing the DOJ for gagging at a gnat to prosecute Republicans and destroy them through lawfare while ignoring the camel-sized misdeeds of Democrats is not whataboutism, it is a well established critique of any legal system.

Trump is not above the law and if he broke the law the consequences are his. But if Trump is prosecuted to radical maximum extremes for a relatively minor crime while his political opponents, who had to sign off on this, are not even investigated, than we can consider this to be an injustice.

As for planting evidence: the FBI has already been proven by publicly known facts to have manufactured evidence and claims against Trump which it knew to be false. So we cannot and will not trust an organization that has proven itself to be more like the armed wing of the Democratic Party than a law enforcement agency.

The problem here now is twofold: if Trump did a misdeed worthy of prosecution half the country has a very good reason to suspect evidence was planted or manipulated and many good reasons to argue that this is a political witch hunt. This is especially true when considering the scales of justice are weighted against one side in favor of the other. We have a DOJ who prosecutes to the extreme letter of the law anyone they don’t like while ignoring and covering up any misdeeds done by people they do like.

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