May 21, 2024

29 thoughts on “Interesting Pro 2A Legislature – Guns & Gadgets – YT Watch

  1. Pro tip. If someone blocks you from freely traveling with your personal defense tools, shot them in the face and continue about your freedom

  2. I'm from and in Texas and I find it very interesting that Governor Abbott hasn't jumped on signing these bill's right away!!! He sure made it sound like he just couldn't wait to sign them!!! Well tick tock…It will be interesting to see if he allow's them to become law without signing them basically making them weak AF to be repealed in the future or if he will be a man of his word! He has painted himself into a corner by saying he would sign the bill's because no if he doesn't I highly doubt he will survive the Primaries of the next election to choose a Governor. I know I won't vote for him if he doesn't keep his word!!!!!

  3. Don't count your chickens before they hatch Texas is turning blue probably by next election hopefully not but Texas is not even on the top ten list for second amendment friendly place to liv..

  4. I had a guy I knew back in the early 2000s retired from NY Dept. Of corrections. Back when steel welded structures if you will started to become a thing. He would travel to the Midwest and transport these back via an inclosed trailer.
    Now my friend had a federal concealed carry permit, while staying over in a motel a dirt bag tried to rob him at knife point. Kinda long story short, even though my friend died in the knife attack, he was able to atleast try to defend himself with a firearm. So it doesn't matter what precautions you take, there may come a time when you need to defend youself and you never take a knife to a gun fight, knife perp died as well.

  5. Maybe we should put the names of these anti 2A hotels out there so no one else gets caught up in a situation like this?

  6. I thought you could store firearms within the dwelling of individuals? When you're out of town and you pay for a hotel room, that makes the room your dwelling for however long you booked it for. It's your temporary residence and you have the same rights as if you were at your house.

  7. HB957 will now be transmitted to Gov. Abbott’s desk, where he will have 20 days after session adjournment to act, or the legislation becomes law without being signed.
    STATE LAW: Once a bill passes both houses of legislature, and it is placed on the governor's desk, the Bill will become law after 10 days if legislature is still in session. If legislature is no longer in session, it will become law after 20 days, even if still not signed by the Governor.
    Once it makes it to the governor's desk, regardless of whether he signs it or not, it will become law. Only if he vetoes it will it not become law once it hits his desk.

  8. There are companies that make great gun cases that don't look like gun cases, there's one that will fit an AR that is a guitar case, use a tennis racket bag to carry an AR pistol. what they don't know they don't know!

  9. I might see things differently but I believe a private business should be able to dictate the grounds for service to an individual. If they do not want guns on the premises it’s their right but they should clearly state that on their website as a stipulation when you make a reservation, posted on the door as you enter, and on the sign in paperwork at hotels. As far as financial institutions freezing money used in firearms transactions they should be liable for damages. They should make it clear on the terms of service they do not facilitate firearms transactions and any attempt to do so will be denied. Keeping the transaction money when not clearly stated on terms of service is absolutely unlawful. I absolutely support Texas not doing business with Anti 2nd business. The best way to fight these folks is with the bottom line…Your money going to someone else.

  10. Why should your right infringe upon the rights of the company? You can’t ask for rights and then refuse others theirs

  11. If businesses weren't so moronic, there would be less firearms stolen from vehicles. Now, more criminals have their hands on guns. These anti-2A folks are just making the crime situation worse.

  12. I have four words for the (ever-growing) list of companies and financial institutions that arbitrarily discriminate against the 2A community: "Get woke, go broke."


  14. Oh my God, bloomberg and soros had better get their checkbooks out again. Their plan to turn Texas blue and make gun ownership illegal is blowing up in their faces! LMAO! They have more money than brains, did they really think they could pull that off in Texas?

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