Recent polls show the nation is just about split on the question of whether the 2020 Presidential election was legitimate, and thus, is Joe Biden a legitimate question.  Let’s paint this new fact in the context of the reality of power we find ourselves in, one in which the DNC machine controls, almost completely, the narrative of daily discourse.

Corpowoketarianz of the DNC machine control the media, the culture, the Federal government, and the means of digital public discourse.  All of their efforts have been to use heavily coercive, subhumanizing, threatening tactics to bury the notion that Joe Biden was duly elected in a right and proper manner and no questions should be asked that might even hint at something that could diminish this orthodox assertion of the powers that be.

The reality of the election is not the relevent focus here, rather, the revelation you should take from the fact that, even after all the threats, the brutal market assassination, all the propaganda, the whole system is so untrustworthy and unbelievable itself that it cannot even convince more than half the country that the election itself was legitimate.

Methinks if the DNC machine made this much effort to convince people the earth was not flat, suddenly, the nation would be divided about whetther the world was flat, not because a flat earth is credible, but because ANYTHING this machine tries to force on you and convince you with their horrid propaganda bits, be they news reports or new ‘superhero’ movies becomes immediately discredited by a minimum of half the country, and I suspect they’re going to lose even more, and are already losing more and know it.

Poll shows partisan split on Biden legitimacy, more issues

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2021-09-02 16:05:07


Nearly one year into his presidency, 70% of Republicans maintain that Joe Biden was not legitimately elected President of the United States, while 22% concede that he was. Those results are according to the most recent exclusive Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll of U.S. registered voters. Meanwhile, 96% of Democrats believe Biden was duly elected. In January, those statistics were nearly identical—nothing has changed.

The table below with results from the poll highlights that Joe Biden’s legitimacy is not the only point of partisan contention. Republican and Democratic registered voters have entirely different views on what the biggest challenges for the country have been over the last 20 years. Democrats’ low historical ranking of the 9/11 attacks was likely underscored by their opinion that domestic terrorism is a much more serious challenge to our security today than foreign terrorism (81-13). Meanwhile, Republicans saw foreign terrorism as being more challenging (53-40).

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