As corpowoketarianizm continues to extend its reach and its assumptions about what it can or cannot do to employees, customers, citizens in a Bill of Rights limited Democratic Republic, such as America is, the test of their attempt to subvert American standards for more Chinese Communist Party type standards will be challenged in the courts.  If the courts fail us, we are left with the realization that the enemy has won and we have no nation to fight for.

Part of this process can be seen in the case of Professo Dan Ravicher, a former teacher at the University of Miami Law School who was let go allegedly to make room for a non-white professor.  The complaint charges the school with firing him for being white. Let’s see if we have any remnant of America left in our courts or not.

University discriminated against white, male pro-Trump professor: federal complaint

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2021-08-24 04:09:03
Ashley Carnahan – University of Southern California

Former University of Miami Law Scool Professor Dan Ravicher has filed an Equal Opportunity Employment Commission complaint against his former employer after it forced him out of his professor job.

The federal complaint alleged a breach of contract, defamation and discrimination against him based on race and gender. It comes after Ravicher and his attorney brought up the same concerns in a June letter to the private Florida university to no avail.

The EEOC filing alleged Miami Law treated the conservative professor differently because he is a white male who supported President Donald Trump. Ravicher has not heard from the EEOC as of August 23, according to a Twitter message to The College Fix. He filed the complaint on July 28.

Former Dean Anthony Varona violated Title VII and the Florida Civil Rights Act, Ravicher alleged. Ravicher paraphrased Varona’s assertion that…


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