The social media platform that wears its moral supremacism on its sleeve, Facebook, has a problem living up to its own moral supremacist standards, which is more often than not when dealing with moral supremacists in general.

The Wall Street Journal has conducted a study that shows that Facebook is LITERALLY relying on the emotion of anger as its best marketing tool.  It’s what sells and what builds.  Anger is the energy that Facebook must sustain and cultivate if it hopes to continue its unquenchable desire for more.  If it wants to gain members, grow revenues, and everyone does, it seems, then it must continue to make hundreds of millions of people angry every day to do so.

But hey, at least they”re not racist or bigoted, though.

Facebook knowingly makes people angry and have worse body image, Wall Street Journal report finds

From www.vox.com
2021-09-21 13:00:00


Reading the findings from the Wall Street Journal’s massive, three-part investigation into Facebook — that the platform makes people angry and depressed, and that the company exempts a huge class of VIP users from its rules regarding harassment and incitement of violence — my reaction was: Well, obviously.

Anyone who spends a decent amount of time online knows what happens when you shove a bunch of strangers into the same place. We replicate existing power dynamics, we form groups, we troll, we project our biases, we yell until only the most extreme voices are the ones that get heard. We expect the companies that own these platforms to fix it, but nobody can agree on how.

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