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EV Mandates Not Covered by Lithium Mines

California is outlawing gas cars, and the left seeks to do the same for the whole nation.  While they attempt to force everyone to buy electric cars, experts are warning that lithium mines are not capable of meeting the need that would be created from the dramatic rise in demand from forced electric car purchasing.


We don’t have enough’ lithium globally to meet EV targets, mining CEO says – yahoo news

Climate provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act put the U.S. back on track toward significant emissions reductions, potentially reducing greenhouse gas output by 40% of 2005 levels.

But one miner warned that when it comes to the transportation sector, domestic resources for lithium, the most critical mineral used for electric vehicle production, may not be sufficient enough to meet some of the most ambitious targets. The Biden administration, for instance, aims to slash the sale of gas-powered vehicles to 50% of all new purchases by 2030.

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