The Soviet state was all about “protecting” people from “misinformation” because it was counter-revolutionary. The revolution was all good and everything not of the revolution was all bad and needed to be punished or banished, or exterminated. People who weren’t OK with all this were reactionaries, extremists, and traitors and all had to be canceled, as it were, from any place of good standing, sent to re-education camps, or eliminated.

What is disinformation? It’s whatever the rulers deem it to be. If they say a theory about the origins of a certain ailment plaguing society is misinformation, then you get canceled or banished for saying it. If later that misinformation proves to be accurate, they memory hole their first reaction and move on to the next things they deem misinformation.

Folks, welcome to Misinformation Is Counter-Revolutionary 2.0, where the Soviet state’s role is now played by the government and mega corporate monopolies, all working hand-in-hand to protect us poor slobs from anything that doesn’t support the ruling class.

If you are on social media platforms you have likely encountered this or you know someone who has. The effort to shun, shame, and bully people into towing the party line, or to banish those who won’t, is real. Unless you are slavishly devoted to the Party, a novel form of authoritarianism we can best desribe as corporate “woke communism”, you find the screws are turning against you.

The digital space is mostly governed by and for the benefit and advancement of the woke communists, by whatever name they call themselves. The end goal seems clear enough-suppress or remove any voices that conflict with their corporate aims, which also happen to be quite compatible with the woke communists.

But it’s not the digital space alone that is being impacted by this new breed of authoritarianism. The latest new US strategic vision for counterterrorism is to focus on the white supremacy bogeyman, and of course the definition for this domestic terrorism is essentially anyone who isn’t a woke communist or one of its corporate backers. Vague commitments to respect free speech are laughable. The ruling class desire more control and the woke communist ideology, ill defined and not at all identical to historic state-communism, is a convenient path to power. This new strategic vision for counterterrorism appear to hinge on terrorizing the dissenters.

The necessity of finding gaps for freedom, which are legal and technology-based solutions that make you more independent financially and materially, is becoming stronger. If you maintain dependency on the predominant structures, like social media or big finance, the corporate farm, and the such, it is likely your opportunity to be a free and spiritually sovereign person will shrink.

Fortunately, so far, the woke communists of our day aren’t yet taking to literally rounding people up on a mass scale and tossing them all into gulags. They are attempting to slow walk their revolution, every day showing new and more insidious, but not necessarily government imposed, restrictions aimed at “misinformation.”

It is true, there is a misinformation problem, and some of it isn’t the government and the corporate behemoths themselves. But most of it is coming from the very entities that spend the most time trying to find new ways to banish those they accuse of spreading this counter-revolutionary misinformation! The platforms acting as gatekeepers at the behest of the Democratic Party and the government really may fancy themselves as guardians against the hobgoblin of misinformation, but they are really just new Soviets and don’t even know it.

We must continue to work toward the emergence of new ways to connect and share information outside the control of the woke communist corporate backers. It is clear, their desire to control absolutely everything in the service of their authoritarianism is becoming greater. The woke communists, many of whom do not consider their view of the world to fit that description, have increasingly little tolerance for anyone who dares to spread what they call misinformation but what is really just opinions or facts that don’t support the Party Line.

Our response in part is this digital publication, The Freedomist, and our future platform, The Virtual Commonwealth of Upadaria, among other projects. We will build the digital gaps for freedom and we will use the existing platforms and digital space as best we can to draw an audience and present a path of freedom and prosperity.

We recognize that the woke communists are not all-powerful, many don’t even realize what spirit they are of, and that there remains many untapped gaps for freedom we can use to create and invent our way around their influence and control.

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