People struggle to build freedom mostly because they lack a support structure that gives them connections, activities, and resources that cater to them. The support structures of our present sociocultural and socioeconomic system benefit the rulers and corall and manage the serfs, they are not designed to promote or facilitate things like virtue, liberty, and independence.

What does a national support structure for freedom builders look like?

We intend to use a virtual-to-local approach to building such a support structure, we intend it to be fully funded mostly through subscriptions within a free market framework, and we intend it to support a multiplicity of freedom-building organizations, businesses, and local groups/networks all over this land. Our conception ot a nationwide support structure is based on a virtual-to-local approach where people connect and gain insights through The Freedomist and other affiliated websites or virtual communities but they use a ready-made local charter to gather and work together locally. In essence we are talking about a country-level Freedomist Network that either plants its own local franchise groups, communities, and networks or facilitates like-minded and similar, but unaffiliated, groups of people.

This website is just the beginning. Our content is meant to both inform you of current affairs from a pure freedom perspective and to arm you with ideas and concepts by which you might persuasively engage others. It is also meant to gather a massive countrywide list of freedom activists around the country, focusing in having at least 1000 “Freedomists” in every single Congressional District who support our effort as subscribers. This is both our main product, intelligence and empowerment content for freedom builders, and our crowdfunding effort. Through subscriptions to The Freedomist our goal is to build more virtual structures and to hire full-time freedom builders in every state and Congressional District who can proactively serve and support individual freedom builders.

In the event, for instance, we see at least 10 local Freedomist Communities in every US Congressional District with 500 or more members per community, we will see a massive support structure that tens of millions of Americans can access that facilitates their freedom building efforts. We could see a time when, thanks substantially to this countrywide support structure and its virtual-to-local approach, over 50% of all US Counties and Parishes have declared themselves to be Freedom Sanctuaries, or what we call “Freedom Shires”, whose elected or appointed officials, school officials, judges, and law enforcement at every level actively embrace and defend liberty as defined by the original spirit and intent of the US Bill of Rights.

Many freedom building efforts fail because they attempt to “go to battle” without first gathering, training, and nurturing an “army” of dedicated and engaged activists who are not merely told what to do but who are empowered and given agency to decide what to do within a broad but cohesive and disciplined framework. Our aim is to build the infrastructure for a countrywide Freedomist movement of activist freedom builders who are empowered to pursue and build their own freedom and to activate local citizens until they find themselves living in a Freedom Shire.

Let’s try to visualize this support structure and what it will do for you and local groups of Freedomists.

The “end of the funnel” for this effort is a Freedomist Group of around 10-20 adults, a Freedomist Club of around 120 adults, a Freedomist Community of perhaps 500-1000 adults, and, through their activities, the eventual declaration at County level of Freedom Sanctuaries, which, when combined with local freedom-building networks that facilitate individual and local self-reliance, result in a Freedom Shire.

A Freedom Shire isn’t an entity per se, it is an achievement wherein a county parish, or city has both been declared a Freedom Sanctuary and has a local citizenry who are mostly self-reliant and self-sustaining without being dependent on any entity or system they do not directly own and/or self-govern. This is the end-goal of the Freedomist: to facilitate communications, knowledge, connections, and collaboration which would ultimately result in over 50% of all US Counties, Cities, and Parishes being both declared Freedom Sanctuaries and achieving a Freedom Shire state of being.

We cannot begin to imagine the political, cultural, and economic shift and devolution of power and wealth from the top and center to individuals and local communities that must necessarily and inevitably follow achieving this result. If over 50% of all US Counties, Parishes, AND Cities become like unto a Freedom Shire in their living, daily reality the ability of left or right authoritarians to corall people into serfdom would be critically undermined.

Let’s focus on a Freedomist Community organized around Groups and Clubs and what activities it would promote, facilitate, or conduct. The Freedomist Community would be responsible for the following primary types of activities:

1. Providing hosting and meeting facilities to engender social activities and gatherings among Freedomists and to engage the local citizenry in a Town Meeting system of instruction and guidance to all local officials and entities of any kind that hold a public trust (Clubs would have their own local facilities)

2. To create a mirror structure of all local official and corporate or non-profit organizations and entities whereby “Mirrors”, individuals who mirror their actual counterpart, and their 5-10 member Round Table Groups, shadow and track all activities and, at the behest of a Town Meeting of all Freedomists, engage those officials in a transparent civil discourse

3. To facilitate the development of a local intranet through mesh hubs whereby Freedomists can connect and communicate without using corporate controlled platforms, communications services, or the internet which can also be connected to all such networks via our own satellite communications

4. To act as and build a local people-centered free press using the RAWE News model where RAWE stands for Resource, Advocacy, and Watchdog coverage that is Entertaining and Educational

5. To facilitate the printing and distribution of a free “underground newspaper” that speaks the truth and mobilizes peopld to take positive, peaceful, and effective action for freedom

6. To provide educational, inspirational, and practical information and local training and cooperative activities that tend to help individuals, families, and free associations to be prepared for disasters and emergencies, to become materially self-reliant and independent, to be safe and secure, and to have legal protection of their rights, persons, and property from all hazards

7. To educate, inform, motivate, and mobilize voters to take The Freedomist Pledge, participate in local Town Meetings and Caucuses to guide all local officials and organizations, and to vote in elections based on a Freedomist litmus test

8. To find constructive and consensus-based solutions and answers to actual injustice and inequity which affects local people and through which the result is a local culture that is based on a free and pluralistic society of equals

9. To facilitate and nurture, through our own alternative Chambers of Commerce, a true free market, a Freedomist-based capitalism that puts people first as opposed to the cronyism masquerading as Capitalism, whereby economic exchanges are based on freewill participation for the profit and benefit of all (even if you don’t like the word capitalism, we hope you embrace our concept of a truly free market that is just and equitable)

While our goal is to work with everyone who will work with us, our initial focus must be on finding, gathering, organizing, and mobilizing a core of Freedomist activists around the country until there is a vocal and visible Freedomist presence in every US Congressional District.

Today we have a free email list of around 584,000 American Citizens and an activist list of around 78,000. We have far to go but we have a good start and with your help we plan to go much further. Our network reaches many thousands of people every day, but we need to reach multiple millions and we need them to be from all over this land amd from all major demographics.

The Freedomist is NOT “Republican”, our core is freedom with justice for all people equally and fairly without favor or prejudice. We are not “Democrats”, our concept of freedom is founded on virtue, liberty, and independence at the individual to local level and through freewill participation among equals.

The Democrats today lead the charge in freedom taking activism using bogeyman fears and utopian promises on one hand and suppression and corporate censorship on the other hand. But that could change in the future as the Republicans are today collaborators with this freedom taking agenda and were in the past in the vanguard of this execrable movement away from freedom.

To Republicans freedom has been basically limited to doing whatever you like for profit and the social consequences or social injustice be dammed. To the Democrats, freedom is mostly limited to sensual life in the form of sex and recreational chemicals while in all other matters their corporate monopolies or the government are in total control of your life.

Neither the Republicans or the Democrats are a pro-freedom party. Neither truly advances freedom based on virtue, liberty, and independence for everyone equally, fairly, and justly. The policies of neither Party could ever result in an individual and local community centered free and pluralistic society of equals.

By building this countrywide support structure we have a chance to stem the tide of leftwing and rightwing anti-freedomists whose agendas tend to do harm to the rights, persons, and property of average people, albeit each Party tends to favor some demographics over others.