Biden Blew off Law That Could Have Warned Congress of Coming Debacle in Afghanistan – RedState

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2021-08-31 17:30:15



President Donald Trump left 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. But when Joe Biden came in, he was barred from using money from the Department of Defense budget to reduce the number below 2,000 by federal statute, “without first briefing Congress about the expected impact on U.S. counterterrorism operations and the risk to American personnel” and providing a detailed report, according to the Free Beacon.

He was required to report on ISIS, the Taliban, al Qaeda, the risk for the expansion of terrorism, and the capacity of the Afghan security forces to deal with them all.

Of course, Biden did reduce the troop numbers below that — to nothing — and waived the mandate requiring him to brief Congress in June, that it was important to the interests of national security. Some “mandate,” if he can just waive it. If he had not done so, they could have talked about all the terrorist risk which if it wasn’t clear before, is certainly clear now — with thousands of ISIS-K fighters…


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