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Biden Puts US Energy Security at Risk to Temporarily Lower Gas Prices for 2022 Election?

After causing gas prices to spike soon taking over the country through a mass mailer election, President Joe Biden appears to be sapping the country of its energy reserves for the sole purpose of temporarily lowering gas prices ahead of the 2022 election.  The plan seems to be to cripple American energy security while lowering gas prices below Biden’s highs, but not lower than Trump’s highs.  The DNC gets to have its cake and eat it too.

The Republic’s sovereignty is further destroyed, the DNC holds on to its mass mailer power, and the gas prices can then rise again, engineering humans to accept a life of “moderate prosperity,” to quote the cousin of the DNC, Chairman Xi of the CCP himself.


Biden Draining Strategic Petroleum Reserve, Intended For National Emergency, Trying To Salvage Midterms

….barring anything that might actually work both in the short and long term, Biden decided to blame-shift, temporarily increase engine-killing corn in gasoline, and to release oil from America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (including selling it overseas as Americans struggle at home).  These temporary measures are intended to be just that, temporary.  They have to get Team American Last through the midterms with gas prices somewhat lower than the Biden $4 and $5/gal.

Having succeeded, in part by using our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to somewhat lower gas prices, Biden, Democrats, and their propagandist arm of media activists trumpeted Biden’s great success in affecting gas prices.  When—not if—gas prices shoot back up, we’ll all be told once more that Biden has no control over gas prices.

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