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Bankman-Fraud’s Dark Money Corrupted The GOP!

No doubt the sleeping faux “conservative media” are all over the Bankman-Fried scam and how he funneled tens of millions of dollars to Democrats. He is still a free man after costing average people billions in investments. Why then aren’t the Republicans demanding he be charged with what looks like obvious crimes?

We found the answer and it will rock your world as a freedom activist.

The Freedomist has uncovered a stunning treasure trove of PROOF Bankman-Fried, or FRAUD, bankrolls the GOP’s anti-freedom establishment to the tune of tens of millions of DARK MONEY donations.

Our EXPOSE and opposition research report will be made available soon, within 40 days, to our Freedomist Backers who will be the FIRST IN THE COUNTRY to know the STRAIGHT SKINNY!

But wait, there’s more!

Bankman-Fraud is not the ONLY secret, dark money funder of the likes of Mitt Romney or Liz Cheney who, despite their betrayal of all that is good about America, always seem to land in a big pile of money! They aren’t hurting.

Following the money we find stunning revelations that will blow this whole story wide open!

He ADMITTED he funneled dark money to Republicans, but his agenda was NOT to help conservatives. His TRUE AGENDA was to USE DARK MONEY to CORRUPT the Republicans and gain influence within the Party for turncoat quislings who back the World Economic Forum’s GREAT RESET plans.

But HE IS NOT ALONE! Dark money from the minions and backers of the godless global corpostate establishment has been deliberately funneled to turncoat Republicans and is the main reason WHY the GOP had been losing and compromising so badly.

How can Republicans win if they are corrupted like this? How can a Republican win amount to the destruction of the godless alt-gendered fascist agenda of the Democratic Party if we harbor collaborators who answer to the likes of this fraud rather than the People?

Ask yourself why Republicans act like they are more afraid of the New York Times than the true MAGA Patriots who voted them into office.

The answer is they are being PAID, we strongly suspect, to be controlled opposition. We have two choices, one or the other, and they have made it so that we either begrudgingly vote for the Democrat-light Romney’s of this world OR we don’t have a vote at all.

Join our Freedomist movement as a backer and gain access to this stunning report before ANYONE ELSE DOES!

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