The writers of Boingboing would have you believe that is a crime, a moral indecency that school board members are retiring rather than face the angry mobs upset at the new moral standards our schools seem to ba adopting, standards that fundamentally clash with American Bill of Rights standards, such as the notion that humans are presumed of equal standing in the discourse of daily value exchange and only lose that standing when their direct action leads you to conclude they are not conducting themselves according to the parameters of these standards themselves.

The shothand version of what I just declared is this, we are all to be judged by the content of our character, not the (insert physiological trait here).  This new moral supremacism many schools across America are adopting holds to the underlying assumption  that life should be deefined within the historical power advantages and disadvantages of certain biological-based groups, and that the scarce traits of physicality within this mass should be elevated and praised over the more prevailing traits.

The simple version is this; White Heterosexual Cis-Gendered Males and their Female enablers invented all kinds of beliefs and sciences and custums and social mores to assure their continued dominance over all others in the world.  They invented evil itself, and if only we rid the world of the very concepts of such things as white and heterosexual and gender and male can we hope to create a world where decent people, real people can openly and freely live.

Having this belief is fine, but forcing it on children is another matter altogether, and paretns across the board understand sometimes explicitely and sometimes implicitely the crime currently occuring under our own Federal, State, County, and Local governments across these lands, the crime of emotional terrorism against all of our children stuck in the schools that choose to perform these crimes against our own children, using our tax dollars to pay for the act.

Parents understand if you teach children to hate their own skin, either because they were the all-powerful evil oppressor skin variety or because they were of the all-weak, desperately-in-need of sin-skin allies (the sin-skinners willing to lay down their great power advantage to let their weak-skinned allies struggle for relief from the sin-skinned scourge)., you will pyschologicaly cripple them.  You will destroy their sense of agency and safety.  You will create enemies in homes, dividing families, further destroying the health and well-being of the very children you allege to be serving.

This isn’t an anti-anti-racist movement, it’s an anti-child-abuse movement.  There are very few people that seek to sugar coat in our schools’ history books the sins of this land, but our choice is NOT between ignoring our racist and bigoted past and giving our government schools permission to teach a one-sided demonizing history that destroys the very mental and physcial health of our kids.  We can teach the truth of our sins, and the hopes of our promises, for our history is filled with BOTH, not one.

If school board members are resigning from fear, I say good, it’s always much better when the state fears the people than when the people fear the state, something I am sure the writers of boingboing are for.

School board members quitting to avoid threatening, hostile crowds

From boingboing.net
2021-08-31 12:09:26
Rob Beschizza


School boards meetings are being turned into chaotic shouting matches dominated by angry, threatening right-wing mobs. So the members are quitting, reports the AP.

In Vail, Arizona, speakers at a recent meeting took turns blasting school board members over masks, vaccines and discussions of race in schools — even though the board had no plans to act on, or even discuss, any of those topics. “It’s my constitutional right to be as mean as I want to you guys,” one woman said.

At one meeting in Tennessee, men attending were caught on film threatening a doctor in the parking lot after he had advocated using face masks to limit the spread of Covid: “we will find you.”

MAGAs, Qanons and antivaxxers make it impossible to get anything done and make everyone afraid. So the school board members quit. Then conservatives can take over the school boards. QED.

It’s a scene that has played out at other school boards and…


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