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Almost 1K NYC Teachers Fired for Refusing Vaccine

850 of the more than 2000 NYC public school teachers who had been holding out on complying with the Covid vaccine mandate were still refusing to comply.  As a result, the NYC Department of Education fired 850 public school teachers, also cancelling their health care coverage in the process.


NYC fires hundreds more teachers for refusing mandatory vaccination

President Joe Biden claimed that the pandemic is over in his interview with “60 Minutes,” which aired on Sunday. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told CNN in January that vaccines are ineffective at preventing transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Earlier this year, the CDC began acknowledging the benefits and protections provided by the natural immunity resultant of an infection by the virus. Nevertheless, workers across America continue to lose their jobs for refusing COVID-19 vaccines.

The New York City Department of Education has terminated an additional 850 teachers for resisting the vaccine mandate. According to the New York Post, this recent spate of firings brings the total number of school employees ousted for their failure to comply to 1,950.

Those fired have also lost their health insurance benefits.

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