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A New Material Could Cripple Surveillance Tech


New nanophotonic coating could aid thermal management and counter-surveillance efforts — ScienceDaily

2022-08-25 20:41:05


Controlling thermal radiation is crucial in various industries and applications. In particular, infrared emissions from the body are important since body temperature can be regulated without the use of external energy sources (i.e. heater and air conditioner).

Previous studies have shown that when materials which reflect radiation from the body are worn, the wearer’s body temperature increases. However, the majority of these materials are metal with a distinctive color, making it challenging to use textiles in other colors. Additionally, they reflect most solar light, which makes the absorption of sunlight for outside warming difficult.

To address these problems, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Professor Lili Cai and her team recently devised a visibly transparent infrared reflective coating.

Designed with a nano-mesh structure, their new coating sufficiently transmitted visible light — including sunlight — and reflected body thermal radiation like conventional…

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