The methods of 1776 don’t apply today in our response to modern, and globalist, authoritarianism, but the spirit of unilateral resistance and refusal to be cowed or owned must be reinvigorated among the populace!

In America, both the Democrats and the Republicans seem infected with different strains of the same disease: globalist authoritarianism.

For today’s Democrats, and by this we mean shot-callers not rank file registered Democrats, authoritarianism is sexy and the Bill of Rights or even the idea of America as a Union of sovereign and free Commonwealths, a Republic of Republics, is execrable. They don’t hate America, but they love monopoly power and they do hate anyone who won’t bow before their alt-gendered rainbow gods of wanton depravity and collectivist regimentation.

The bogeymen of the establishment left include racists, “phobes”, clinate change skeptics, cisgendered Christian white males especially, “insurrectionist” white supremacists and anyone on the “right” who isn’t down with the Democrats.

On the other hand, Republicans, again the shot-callers not rank and file registered Republicans, don’t hate justice and equality but they do love the blue-blooded Chamber of Commerce “cronyism over people” riches. They seem to evince a design of corporate monpolozation of the economy and worker exploitation to fatten the few at our expense. They may seem less authoritarian now, being out of power, but they are in fact just as likely to seek a world without competitors.

The bogeymen of the establishment right include “illegal aliens”, “Islamic terrorism”, “communists” who aren’t communists, and anything that hurts corporate profits and the stock market.

On one hand we have woke communism and on the other cronyist monopolism, two sects of the same “religion”, that of globalist authoritarianism, two factions of a ruling class whose aims against the interest, rights, persons, and property of the People are becoming more blatant and unchecked. Where human rights, human dignity, and human flourishing are concerned, the establishment, in both major factions, has nothing to offer but bogeyman fears and fake utopian promises and unworkable schemes.

While there are major surface differences here, the heart is the same. But there is another real difference of substance: today’s Democratic Party has evidently purged all non-authoritarians from leadership while the Republicans still face internal opposition at the leadership level to this spirit of authoritarianism. Basically, the Democratic shot-callers are almost 100% authoritarians while the Republican shot-callers are divided between the ruling class and outsiders who reject the siren call to monopoly power.

While we assess the woke communists as the main and strongest threat by far, we remain skeptical of the Republicans and vigilent against their authoritarian establishment, led by the likes of Mitt Romney and company. The fact most Republican leaders, office holders, and candidates refuse to even name “woke communism” and the authoritarianism that permeates the Democratic Party establishment is seen by many as proof the GOP has settled into a role a controlled opposition for theater only.

Authoritarianism is a growing threat to everything from supply chains and freedom of movement and commerce to individual rights and the good of the people. Policies aimed ultimately at restructuring society in every aspect to be easily managed by the few and for the few at our expense will not produce the monopoly power desired but can cause harm to the innocent caught up by their machinations.

The pushback will likely include political and civic action, but at the deeper level it must involve unilateral freedom-building actions by individuals and groups of people by freewill participation. It is proposed that freedom builders seek individual to local food, energy, health care, education, housing, and true press independency and the transformation of locales into freedom havens through official support of the Bill of Rights. These may be the most important foundational actions needed to begin to turn the tide and transfer power from the center and top to individuals, families, and various types of freewill participatory associations and communities.

In our natural sin state, humans will tend toward corruption and moral depravity against the laws of nature and nature’s God. In our natural redeemed state, when we actively seek God’s standards of righteousness and justice, humans tend toward a family-centered, as in a mother and father with their biological or adopted children, state of individual liberty within a free and pluralistic society of equals.

The one path leads to violence, poverty and ruin as the price for enriching the few and giving them absolute monopoly control over civilization itself. The other path leads to freedom with liberty and justice for all along with a high quality of life and universal opulence.

We don’t see the authoritarians winning, but we do see dark times and crises for those who righteously oppose this authoritarianism and its vehicles of power, including the alt gendered rainbow totalitarianism over culture, the wanton assault on marriage and family according to thousands of years of Judeo-Christian orthodoxy, and the monopoly corporations owning most vital aspects of our economic structure.

Even after the woke communists are vanquished, and unless they are we face a stunning collapse of the quality of life for all save the very few, the work of remaining vigilent against other hazards to our interests, rights, dignity, flourishing, persons, and property as free and spiritually sovereign human beings will remain a necessity.