Bill Collier- Tiny, in population, Tioga County PA, where, coincidentally, The Freedomist is based, is at the center of efforts to audit Pennsylvania’s 2020 election results, which, it is alleged, are suspect. Every court so far has denied this, but it is still alleged an audit is needed.

The amazing thing about Roger Bunn, Mark Hamilton, and Erick Coolidge is that their county, the county where the Publisher of the Freedomist (myself) lives, 74.7% voted for Trump and one can gather well over 50% of all voters likely want an audit.

These three Commissioners are an interesting phenomenon where even the most conservative areas surrender their line offices to people who lack the vigor and passion of their own voters. What is more fascinating is that these usually cardboard cutouts for local officials who make no waves usually also lean in the opposite direction of their voters. But, because local politics are usually more about potholes than principles, they never show their true nature or beliefs.

So, while a County of over 40,000 may by as much as 74.7% demand an audit, the Republicans they elected to lead them, for so long and without any real challenge, have proven to not really be Republicans at all.

Having myself watched these men since the first time I came to the County in 2009, I am not even slightly surprised that these three all agreed to disagree with almost every single person who ever voted for them in order to avoid rocking the boat. They’re not bad guys, really, they just got elected by sleepy voters who didn’t vett the people who would lead their County, assuming that of they were Republicans that was good enough.

Again, let’s be clear, whatever one feels about their decision, they have their reasons no doubt, the issue is that we all keep letting people into office who don’t, when push comes to shove, reflect our beliefs and values and nor are they informed by them.