Texas Governor Greg Abbot has just signed a bill that would make it illegal for a woman to have an abortion after you can hear the baby’s heartbeat, which is oafter 6 weeks.  The Supreme Court had a chance to review it and chose, for now, not to interject in any emergency capacity.  The lawsuits most likely have already been filed.  If not, expect them any minute now.

It looks like it’s not long before SCOTUS revitis Roe v Wade.  Oh what a time we will have in that meme war to come.

Texas abortion ban becomes law; U.S. Supreme Court opts not to intervene, for now | National

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2021-09-01 19:00:00



(The Center Square) – A bill that bans abortion in the state of Texas at about six weeks after conception went into effect on Wednesday.

The new law requires doctors to first determine if a heartbeat can be detected before attempting to perform any abortion-related procedure. If a heartbeat is detected, the law prohibits doctors from performing or inducing an abortion.

The U.S. Supreme Court has yet to respond to an emergency petition filed with the court, which it can do at any time.

On Monday, a trial court hearing scheduled for a lawsuit filed by abortion providers to block the law from going into effect was canceled after a 5th Circuit Court ruling was issued Friday.

Last week, the state had appealed a lower court’s ruling that had blocked the law from going into effect, arguing the government officials sued have sovereign immunity. The 5th…


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