The State of Panjshir still lives as the Taliban have been unable to go into the valley to claim the whole of Afghanistan.  The Valley is located in the northwest corner of the country.

Rebels hold out in Afghan valley as Taliban set up government in Kabul

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2021-09-02 16:26:42


KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban forces and fighters loyal to local leader Ahmad Massoud fought in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley on Thursday, more than two weeks after the Islamist militia seized power, as Taliban leaders in the capital Kabul worked on forming a government.

Panjshir is the last Afghan province resisting rule by the Taliban, whose overthrow of the Western-backed government as U.S. and other foreign troops withdrew after 20 years has left the country in chaos.

Each side said it had inflicted heavy casualties.

“We started operations after negotiation with the local armed group failed,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said.

Taliban fighters had entered Panjshir and taken control of some territory, he said. “They (the enemy)…


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