Doubling down on the Marxist-based totalitarianism of “critical theory”, in this case “critical race theory” (also known as “white people are morally inferior and so is freedom” theory), the NEA wants all children indoctrinated with Marxism. This radical totalitarian front group enjoys the support of most public teachers and therefore represents the true nature of what is being done in these government-run radicalization centers called schools.

Cis white boys will be mercilessly bullied by teachers to accept their moral inferiority and do penance by voting Democrat when they get old enough and, also, by fully participating in the whole rainbow of sexual activity.

Critical race theory is race-based Marxism that aims at cultural genocide of so-called “whiteness”, teaches children they are either demonic offspring of oppressors or oppressed little angels who can do no wrong and who the white kids owe something to. The “solution” to the “problems” is, of course, totalitarianism.

The National Education Association represents 3 million public teachers, most of whom embrace the radical authoritarianism of this front group. The teaching profession has devolved into a “revolutionary” position from which to brainwash future voters to support America’s authoritarians, the Democratic Party.

Critical race theory, like the whole rainbow fascism agenda, is basically also child abuse. For the “oppressed” it renders them powerless victim and for the “oppressor”, well, their only path to some limited form of rehabilitation is to renounce themselves and enthusiastically vote Democrat to prove their evolution.

(There is no “white genocide”, the real aim is to demonize “whiteness”, associate freedom values with whiteness, then banish freedom for all, white or other, in the name of “racial justice”, but for the purpose of creating an authoritarian state.)

The National Education Association is euphemism for the National Enforcers of Authoritarianism, which is all this un-American, anti-freedom organization has devolved into. Most public teachers either love and embrace this totalitarianism and will it upon children or they go along for fear of losing their jobs.

This Marxist front group also went on in its recent Representative Assembly to attack heterosexuality and even capitalism, both of which it wants to banish from schools as much as Democrats want them outlawed.

There’s no telling what will happen if, in 10 years, little Johnny dares to say he only likes girls and doesn’t want to watch the naked drag show at the school assembly.

Letting your children attend schools run by NEA thugs is opening them up to serious psychological damage.