I often see true idiots build big audiences representing a faction and becoming the face of the faction to the degredation of that faction.
The republicans do this all the time, and, given the DNC advantage in signalling a narrative in ‘established’ channels (media, newspapers, movies, etc), when they do it, the world knows about it so that it becomes significantly branded to it.
I see the same kind of thing happening for the DNC this time with the whole Met Gala, only this time, their own media unwittingly did the work of making this moment of complete idiocracy become a significant part of the brand for a significant portion of casuals in the American lands.
The timing of the event itself, during a “pandemic,” one the DNC hypes and derives political capital from and the RNC downplays and derives political capital from downplaying it. So the party that helped make the pandemic an acutely felt emergency in the lives of many helped also to contribute to the terrible idiocracy moment that is the Met Gala.
I think even the Left are shaking their heads and thinking……wait a second, it’s almost as if you WANT to sabotage your chances to pass ‘progressive’ legislation. Hmmmmmmmmmm.
Welcome to Helz everyone. Become unaffiliated.
Met Gala the Meme- How the DNC Pulled an RNC-Like Own Goal