The alleged #resist movement the DNC in part wraps around itself derives its moral high ground from the claim it is simply antifascist, that’s all, and all of the uses of coercion, from burning down buildings to destroying businesses and careers of people who violate the antifascist code are for the good of the whole.

Of course, the whole is the people who are still qualified as people, a trick often used by factions seeking to create soldiers willing to die and to kill.  Anyone outside the orthodoxy is not to be engaged with as a fellow human neighbor in an American Democratic Republic limited by a Constitution fundamentally defined by the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

The whole construct of the American state as it ostensibly claimed it was is called in to doubt, all accused of being nothing but a giant historic dog whistle for fascism at its core.  To stop this, the antifascist must end the very idea of America itself, stripping the land and the people of the whole privilage, entitelment of ‘rights’ so uniquely enjoyed in the land by the vast majority of people who live and grow up and age and die here.

That whole movement is still applying preassure on the Biden administration to demand that corporations, financial institutions, every institution, freeze people and their businesses out of of the new normal state.

The pressure from the muscle of the party has yielded some fruit as Jen Psaki, the current, and first, primary surrogate of the Biden administration, to publically proclaim the administration’s support of Corporations stepping up their efforts to purge the landscape of the non-orthodox, both the content and the creators and anyone associated with them, especially anyone willing to associate with these creators commercially.

Fascism is a complex term that has multiple meanings, some of which might be in flux even as I write this, but, one of the fundamentally sure signs that fascism is afoot is when the corporation and the state become one, and the state is able to use the corporations to apply soft-power coercion on the opposition without any need for governments to write laws at all.

Whether or not we can term this use of the corporation in totality ‘fascism’ is up to contextuality, not detailed poilitical science definitions of a term whose political science definitions hardly anyone fully understands, nor are fully settled as the debate about where fascism begins and ends still continues to this day.  In the vaguer, adjectival sense of the term, which, I support, is simply using power advantage to control the weak through a strict enforcement of a moral supremacist, certain code.

Fascists, in the broader adjectival sense, are those who use tactics of subhumanization and ostracism to create hatred between groups for the purpose of creating people willing to kill and to die in the name of the morally supreme cause.

Here, we see corporations using their considerable power advantages, their near-monopolistic, and mostly cabalistic, advantages, to create fear and hate by cutting off more than half the discourse from the public square and corpo-criminalizing thoughts and people who fail to meet their supposed high moral standards.

I will let the reader decide, but, for me, this party, the DNC, and its corporate allies in Silicon Valley, Hollywoord, and New York, are more fascistic in spirit than not.  All that is missing is one charismatic leader and a nationalist fervor for the doubt to be removed.

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki PUSHES for Big Tech to Censor More

From www.newsbusters.org
2021-09-28 16:02:00
Alexander Hall


It’s as if Big Tech has not already been censoring enough. Now the Biden administration is pushing platforms in an even more censorious direction.

COVID-19, like many national crises, has been used to push for more government tyranny. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained in a late September Morning Joe interview that platforms don’t censor Americans enough: “As we’re in the middle of a pandemic, we know that they have more data about how misinformation is traveling on the internet. And we know that people are getting misinformation on the internet that is preventing them or prompting them not to get a vaccine.”

When asked if action could be expected soon, Psaki made it clear that a series of factors need to align. “We’ll have to see. There has to be appetite in Congress. Uh, there has to be a desire to get things, uh, done and changed, but certainly elevating these issues as a number of reporters have, as you have, as we tried to do, is also…


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