The President of France,  Emmanuel Macron, is telling his European comtemporaries that it’s time to ween itself off American power.  The embattled President is in the midst of an election he most likely will win but might potentially lose, and he’s just seen a major arms deal between his country and Australia go the way of the dodo bird after the United States essentially gave Australia for free something better or at least on par with what France would have been paid to deliver, submarines.

Now, Macron is moving to move Europe away from America and into itself.  And don’t think a new European nationalism is not possible if and when all of Europe suddenly perceives the US is no longer a reliable defensive partner.  When faceed with the external threats without, the people of Europe may find a new european nationalism convenient to the perceived predicament.  For that to happen, America has to geet out of the way, whether it wants to or not.

Macron says Europeans need to stop being naive and assert independence from the United States

From www.washingtonpost.com
2021-09-28 16:27:00
By Rick Noack

French President Emmanuel Macron urged Europeans to “come out of their naivete” on the world stage and assert their independence from the United States, sending one of the strongest signals to date that the diplomatic crisis prompted by a disrupted submarine deal could have long-lasting repercussions on transatlantic relations.

Speaking alongside the Greek prime minister Tuesday at a news conference to unveil a major Franco-Greek defense deal, Macron said the Europeans should make themselves “respected.”

“For a bit over 10 years now, the United States has been very focused on itself and has strategic interests that are being reoriented towards China and the Pacific,” he said.

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