CHINA TRYING TO BUY SOLOMON ISLANDS PORT – A Chinese State-Owned Corporation is moving to purchase a deep-water port and World War Two airstrip from the Solomon Islands.  The move is leaving people to challenge Australian companies to step in and purchase these assets to stop China’s incursion into the geo-strategic islands.

Australia urged to intervene as China tries to buy a strategic Solomon Islands port

From www.abc.net.au
2022-07-31 18:42:18


A Chinese state-owned company is negotiating to buy a deep-water port and World War II airstrip in Solomon Islands, as new documents detail how money from Beijing has helped keep the Pacific nation’s controversial leader in power.

As a battle for influence plays out in the region, an investigation by Four Corners has found China is aggressively pursuing economic opportunities across the Solomons to boost Beijing’s strategic interests.

One asset being targeted by China is a hardwood forestry plantation on the island of Kolombangara, which features a protected harbour, deep-water port and an airstrip.

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