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China to Build Naval Base in Cambodia

China is set to build a naval base in Cambodia after an agreement that also includes aid and investments.  The investments will come in the form of loans.  The base, Rheam Naval Base, will be upgraded by Chinese capital.  The move is partially the result of Cambodia’s increasingly bad relations with the US, which includes economic sanctions.


Chinese naval base in Cambodia raises security concerns, debt trap threat

Aiming to establish control and authority over global politics, China’s upcoming naval base in Cambodia could be the latest example of establishing and fulfilling Beijing’s hegemonic interests in Southeast Asia. Both China and Cambodia took the first steps on a Beijing-funded upgrade of the Ream Naval Base in the southern part of the country.

The launch of the project at the Ream Naval Base, which Cambodian officials said will use aid from China to renovate the port, comes amid Western concerns that Beijing is seeking a military outpost at the Gulf of Thailand facility, CNN reported. Jakarta Post reported that the key factors behind China’s choice of Cambodia are the political background of good relations with the non-democratic Hun Sen regime in Cambodia, as well as suitable economic background for Chinese investment and businesses.

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