If you want to understand the nature of the DNC’s relationship to the CCP, look at what is emerging in the anticpated US Intelligence Report on the origins of the Covid-19 virus.  The report will agree with this, the virus was not a biological weapon,  As to the origins, there is uncertainty there.  The report is alleged to say on the matter,  that they were “unable to provide a more definitive explanation for the origin of COVID-19” (without new information).

They are certain it’s not biological, so that at least takes China out of the evil scientist running, a little relief from the DNC for Chairman Xi.  The article also noted that World Health Organization sent a team to investigate itself and found it did nothing wrong and neither did China.  And they’re totally not the same, not at all.

At any rate, with that burst of confidence in the science that the WHO inbues in us these day, China has at least one worry of its back (not that it was a great worry, but, well, Xi is a control freak so, no loose plankboards, no squeaky doors, this was a squeaky door).  But the DNC giveth and holdeth outeth.

So what the DNC has done is essentially kept in their back pocket some possible power advantage in the frenemy game they’re playing with China,, something to still hold over Xi’s head, while at the same time not emboldening and enabling the type of people that would be inclined to opppose the DNC and what it’s currently doing to this land.

They walked the tight line and put themselves to have a little bargaining chip with China to assure they get their payoff, an open Chinese market that funds their conquest of the people of the Bill of Rights, the American people, those who are here today, those who have yet to arrive, and to our sojourners among us that choose to live in the Bill of Rights way.

They mean to conquer us all, not for anything but profit overseas for control here at home.

US intelligence agencies ‘divided’ on origins of COVID-19 pandemic

From www.euronews.com
2021-08-27 20:52:12



US intelligence agencies said they were “divided” on how the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 first emerged, according to an unclassified report summary released on Friday.

The agencies were instructed by US President Joe Biden to report on the possible origins of the virus but could not come to a conclusion.

They agreed that the virus was not “developed as a biological weapon” and was likely not genetically engineered but remained split on other possibilities.

The agencies had two potential hypotheses: that it came from natural exposure to an infected animal or that it resulted from a laboratory incident.

Some intelligence analysts found both hypotheses equally likely while others gave weight to a specific hypothesis.

But the analysts said they would be “unable to provide a more definitive explanation for the origin of COVID-19” unless new information or evidence emerged.

The World Health Organization sent a team of international scientists to Wuhan to study the virus’ origins…


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