It seems that both Republicans and Democrats grossly over-estimate the percentage of people who might get hospitalized as a result of a Covid-19 infection.  Democrats are 800 percent worst than Republicans as far as htting the mark, but Republicans still performed extremely porrly, to say the least.

The average percentages given for Covid-19 hospitalization have beeen between 1-5 percent.  That figure is significantly lower than what self-identifying Demorats and Republicans think the percentage is.

53$ of Democrats believe the hopsitalization rate is over 30%, while 30% of Republicans believe the hospitalization rate is 30% or higher.  Only 18% of Democrats think the hospitalization rate is within that 1-5 percent margin, while 42 percent of Republicans think the hospitalization rate is within that 1-5 percent margin.  The majority of Republicans, 63 percent, believe the hospitalization rate is 20 percent or lower, a far cry from the Democrats in error, but a far cry from accurate as well.

Gallop: Both Republicans And Democrats Are Wildly Overstating Risks From COVID-19

From www.science20.com
2021-09-28 13:36:12
Hank Campbell

While polls can never tell us how people behave – on polls, even during the height of the anti-vax movement in California, they denied being anti-vaccine, they were pro-choice, and simply chose to not give more kids vaccines than the rest of the US combined – they can tell us what people believe with decent accuracy, That’s important also. A new Gallop poll says both groups believe wrongly in what COVID-19 may mean to society.

In one area, the wrongness is overwhelmingly on the side of the Democrats, by almost double. 41% of Democrats believe that 50% of unvaccinated people have been hospitalized due to COVID-19 when the real number is still under 1%. A still high yet relatively less problematic 22% of Republicans get that wrong.

Who got the right answer by a wide margin? Republicans. 16% recognize that the hospitalization rate is under 1%, an 800% better result than Democrats.

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