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Trump’s Social Media Army Crushes All Others

What I’m noticing about Trump’s McCain comments is they haven’t hurt the support I have seen from my friends who already supported him.
The comments, however, seem to have riled up, even more than they already were, my friends that didn’t support Trump before.
What’s interesting, and should be of great concern to any GOP effort to take the White House in 2016, is this pattern seems to follow for all of the candidates.
Every time someone finds some ‘dirt’ on a candidate, whether the progressives found it or conservatives did (the conservatives are doing a great job destroying candidates all on their own), or every time a candidate stumbles, the supporters make excuses, are not swayed,while the detractors add more vitriol.
I’ve seen people unfriend people on Facebook, conservatives, because their candidate is being eviscerated by one of their ‘friends.’
For my part, I won’t be eviscerating candidates, though I will share stories that are sometimes negative about candidates. I also won’t be unfriending anyone because of their candidate of choice in the GOP primary.
Whoever is left standing at the end may find a less than enthusiastic coalition to push them into the White House. It happened in 2008. It was even more acute in 2012, and, so far, in the 2016 season, it’s even more pronounced this time.
Meanwhile, while Sanders is making a show of things, and Tax the Rain Man O’Malley hasn’t even made a ripple, the democrats stand pretty much consolidated around a candidate who, even by their purist progressive standards, is hardly the ideal candidate.
Progressives seem to understand what war is, conservatives do not.
The privateer armies continue to fight their own war against the progressives, and other conservatives (even more aggressively than they fight the progressives), while the progressive army is already disciplining and preparing its troops for the real battle in the summer of 2016.

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Obama’s Strategic Undermining of American Power

Want to understand Obama? While he enables the Iranians to be able to successfully build their nuclear bombs, he turns the screws on both Germany and Greece to make a deal.
Why would he not side with the Greeks, who are every bit the leftists that he is? It’s simple. The Greeks are nationalist leftists. He’s an internationalist leftist.
Obama seeks to empower our enemies, not because he sides with them. At the end of the day, the mullahs and wanna be Caliphates will eventually face military response, but not from the US, from a world governing body.
In order to facilitate the rise of a genuine world governing body, the United States must be weakened. This is the internationalist leftist’s goal.
Welcome to progressive America, where the enemy of the progressive party is your liberty and your sovereignty

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The Race-Baiting Monster Game of Progressivism

Progressivism is by its very ideology racist, as in, it accepts that race is a major factor in how humans behave.
Early on, progressives targeted blacks as being inferior and dreamed of creating a world without them, a world where the superior races could progress, with proper management from the scientists and the regulators.
Margaret Sanger represents that progressivism, still seen in Planned Parenthood Centers across the nation.
Now, the big brains of the progressive movement, still overwhelmingly white (and, I suspect, still elitist in their views of inferior and superior races) are playing a dangerous game, building a monster aimed at white people.
The real target is simply the middle class which, thanks in large part to Sanger and those progressive-designed ghettos, is still largely white.
The danger is this…. Once the elites have finished off the middle class, will they be able to control their white-hating monster?
Remember, for those of you who read my stuff regularly, progressivism is the reality in BOTH parties.

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Confronting the GOP Statists

It is time for the Coalition that will oppose Obama to make itself known, to form around our standard, the Bill of Rights, and to put aside the differences we cannot hope to settle or address under the progressive state Obama and the operatives that support him are currently building. These operatives, allies, special interests, paid benefactors, etc come in many flavors. Some of them even claim to be conservative, card-carrying members of the GOP.

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Journalistic Integrity- Progressive Style!

Brent Bozell exposes the sycophancy of the progressive agit prop media once again, highlighting the congratulatory, worshipful tone of dames Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill of PBS when interviewing their master, Barack Hussein Obama.
What’s missing is a challenge to some of the dangerous narratives this ideologue is spewing out. At one point in the interview, Obama likens the conservative resistance to his attempt to murder the Republic to the resistance in the 1960s by true racists against ending truly unjust, racist laws in the South known as the “Jim Crow Laws”.
Only this President is not trying to end truly unjust, racist laws, but trying to create freedom-killing, progressive empowering, individual crushing laws and regulations. Needless to say, Woodruff and Ifill had no problem with this race-baiting, violence inducing rhetoric coming from our “American” President. Perhaps we should call Obama and the progressives AINOS, Americans in Name Only.

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The Doctrine of Hate, as told by Che

Here is a quote from Che Guavara created as a Facebook meme. The narrative should be similar to what you see coming from progressives today. They will not overtly say what Che said, but their fruit shows this ideal based on hate is the truth of their ways. Without hate, they cannot isolate and destroy the opposition to their collectivist utopian dreams:

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The Future’s So Bright….

The solution is not what your leaders are peddling. It is way beyond such “fixes” that only tend to feather their nests!
The solution is twofold: the first part is a revelation of the Kingdom of God and the second is the understanding of the times in which we live and how God is going to raise up NEW kinds of NATIONS and Peoples and whole new civilizations which will be born from the salt and light witness of His People.

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Freedom is the BIG DOG

We have to be sure of what WE MEAN by freedom, and we have to INSIST that this is the freedom we own, we want, and that we are not willing to surrender under any circumstance. We have to stop arguing and start living, because when we no longer cower at their incessant yipping, whether it is the protectionist media or the progressive indoctrination center leaders (aka academicians and the NEA), when we just don’t care, then, and only then, will that gate swing wide open, leaving the little progressive dog naked before the truth at long last.

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Unity in the Body Politic- The Constitutional Coalition

Whether or not one agrees with orthodox religious values … the adherents are legitimately, and constitutionally, entitled to have, to practice, and to press for the State to reflect their values. Libertarians and conservatives can disagree while taking a principled stand for the legitimacy, under the Constitution, of one another’s position.  Even though many libertarians fully approve of gay marriage they can, with authenticity, also honor the First Amendment guarantee of “… no law …prohibiting the free exercise [of religion].”- Ralph Benko

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