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Month: June 2011

A Freedomist Declaration of Sovereignty

William R Collier Jr The ability of human beings to creatively engineer around problems by first imagining things that do not exist AS IF THEY DO is the fundamental means by which all human progress occurs. When people see things that are imagined and poke fun at them because it SEEMS that these things cannot ever exist they demonstrate simple small-mindedness. When people imagine things that, at present, seem quite impossible, even if they are desirable, only then can problems long held to be insurmountable be creatively engineered around. The difference between fantasy and reality is often measured only by the degree of effort and skill applied to taking what is imaginative and creatively engineering whatever relationships, actions, structures, and ingredients are needed to make it a reality we can presently see, feel, touch, and experience. Pure fantasies are things that are actually impossible under any and all circumstances, like magic fairies or superheroes. As we learn more, however, we discover that yesterday’s fantasies can become tomorrow’s reality! For those who are only comfortable living in “the art of the possible” (as presently defined), a journey to an imaginary place where the Freedomist vision truly prevails may be a roller coaster ride too frightening to endure. The realistic dreamer knows, and accepts, that the achievement of even the most desirable of imagined outcomes is often limited in the here...

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Social Justice for Victims of The Progressive War On Freedom

Let’s Get Off Of The Progressive Slave Plantation William R Collier Jr The seduction of Progressivism is as old as humanity. Some false prophet or tyrant makes baseless accusations against God and good people in general, followed with promises that are truly too good to be true, and all for the price of individual and shared freedom. The serpent in the garden of Eden sounds like a modern day Progressive who, when confronted with the plain truth of God, replies by asking, “did God REALLY say that?” Like the foolish Eve, many fall for it and take a bite of the fruit from “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” In other words, the tree of “personal liberty to DO good or evil, whatever suits you.” As the serpent said, so say the Progressives who deny the present working of God in human affairs, “then shall you be as gods.” The entire “separation of church and state” mantra is rooted in this deception that what God said He did not mean and that we can be “as gods”, not needing ANY objective standard or truth to guide and direct our actions. For the Progressive, there is no real evil, all of us are inherently good and evil is what happens when the external influences in our life are negative- things like poverty, dirty air and water, racism,...

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NLRB Wants Mandatory Card Check

NLRB pushed for mandatory card check, but lost their battle in Congress. Read more below about how they plan on using quickie elections to support big business and big union. After the forces of organized labor lost their battle for mandatory card check in Congress, it was widely anticipated that the board would give them the next best thing — “quickie elections,” which are held seven to ten days after a petition is filed. Like card check, quickie elections rig the rules to favor a union outcome. With NLRB chairman Wilma Liebman’s term ending in ten weeks, we may...

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US House votes to block funding for Libya

The US House of Representatives has voted to prohibit the use of funds for US military operations in Libya. Politicians adopted the amendment to a military appropriations bill by a vote of 248 to 163 late on Monday. A number of members of Congress have expressed their dissatisfaction at Barack Obama’s, the US president,  decision to go ahead with operations in Libya in March and to continue without congressional authorisation. According to US law, the president must seek congressional authorisation to send US troops into combat and must withdraw the forces within 60 days if Congress has not authorised the military action. <!– Article source: Watch THE LION OF JUDAH MOVIE- Review for yourself Lion of Judah The Movie- visit the official site Family Movie Blog- Lion of Judah Movie Review Go to the official site for LION OF JUDAH MOVIE- review for yourself Meet the Voice of Judah The Lamb- Georgina Cordova Interviewed Listen to internet radio with Freedomist on Blog Talk...

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The False Prophet of the National Review Online

Part One- The False Prophet of Doom? William R Collier Jr.- Has The NRO’s Kevin Williamson become a false prophet, falling for the trap laid by the Progressive machine? Here’s the gist of Kevin Williamson’s apostasy- we can’t reduce the deficit or the debt without raising taxes and to even try for a 5% growth rate is pure fantasy, therefore the only solution is to try to reduce spending AND raise taxes, including a Valued Added Tax (VAT). The problem for Mr. Williamson is twofold- he is falling for a typical Progressive trick and he is, as the “boss”...

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