W R Collier Jr.

My experience in new media and mobilization for political organizations and for businesses may go back decades, but in recent years I have been front and center in some of the major political developments of our time. (I cannot help but mention that in many of my undertakings, Paul Gordon Collier, my twin brother, has either led or co-led the efforts.

W R Collier Jr is a Web designer and developer with extensive experience in new media, including member enrollment, community governance, and mobilization.  His behind-the-scenes work has proved significant to some of the major political developments of our time.


A History of Leadership

Collier developed the website for The Committee To Unleash Prosperity, the preeminent “supply side portal” for an organization of which Steve Forbes, Art Laffer, Steve Moore, and Larry Kudlow are the principals. He has developed domains for for TeamRockMinistry.com and, in eCommerce for HypnoticCharisma.com, among others.
Collier was instrumental in #DONTGO, the immediate precursor to the Tea Party movement. #DONTGO was an online mobilization portal and, in its day, the most effective such in the center right. Collier played a key role in supporting efforts to organize the very first TEA PARTY events. His mobilization, rapid response teams, and developing pop-up web properties materially added to the Tea Party’s original influence and whose reach extended to effecting White House action.


Collier was the chief community manager for Team Sarah, a social network recognized as the most successful (1 million page views a month) conservative white label political social network of the 2008 presidential election cycle. Collier devised and implemented the moderation and mobilization standards and was in charge of neutralizing attacks by political adversaries (“trolls”).

Collier co-founded the Freedomist which led to the creation of a digital newspaper, The Tioga Freedomist. Under his management this drew over 1 million page views a month, becoming the, dominant news source for its county and environs The Drudge Report, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh referenced some of the original Freedomist’s news stories. Collier recently resumed an active role for Freedomist.com.

Quotes on Bill’s Work

Ralph Benko played a significant role in the epic era of Kemp and “Supply-Supply” economics and remains a major voice. William Collier, an Internet and social media prodigy, is poised to play an important future role. Their Capitalist Manifesto provides something the world long needed but never had: a convincing declaration of first principles of capitalism as a powerful humanitarian force. — Dr. Arthur B. Laffer, TIME Greatest Minds of the 20th Century (1999), holder Presidential Medal of Freedom

Norman Augustine & Grover Norquist

There is a reason why Americans enjoy a per capita GDP that is nearly four times that of the average of all the rest of the world’s citizens.  The reason is called capitalism—capitalism with appropriate safety nets.  Further, various studies have shown that up to 85% of America’s GDP growth is attributable to advancements in just two fields:  science and technology.  Benko and Collier join to make crystal clear the unlimited power of opportunity and motivation when backed with research and innovation. – Norman Augustine, former CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation, chairman of the National Academy of Engineering, chairman of the Defense Science Board, holder of the National Medal of Technology, and author of Augustine’s Laws

The Capitalist Manifesto is a classic. Ralph Benko and Bill Collier have provided the definitive refutation of socialism, which they shrewdly annihilate as merely a modern form of feudalism, and show how it is capitalism, not communism, that improves the welfare of workers and of our natural environment. A brief, powerful, book for the ages.Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform

Steve Forbes & Stephen Moore

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels have more than met their match with Benko and Collier. The Capitalist Manifesto not only devastatingly demolishes the false god of socialism but also makes the exciting and uplifting case for free markets. Capitalism “delivers the goods” precisely because it is a moral system that liberates the human spirit. If the world takes this book to heart, humanity will flourish as never before! — Steve Forbes, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media

The Capitalist Manifesto is a powerful, unique, celebration of capitalism and spreads the gospel of liberty and justice for all through free markets. Buy it, read it, and give it to your friends as the hard-hitting declaration of the unique power of free markets to bring working people to economic security and affluence in a new golden age of equitable prosperity.  — Stephen Moore, Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Heritage Foundation, co-author of Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive Our Economy

George Gilder & Lewis E. Lehrman

The Capitalist Manifesto contributes to the new wealth of nations. The authors, and I, invite you to become full partners on the exciting new and ever expanding frontiers of true capitalism.  In the words of Benko and Collier, capitalism “by its very nature is uniquely able to capture the adventure of discovery. Capitalism enables abundant new sources of wealth to be discovered and curated for the benefit of all people and the planet itself.”  — George Gilder, chairman of Gilder Publishing, founder of the Discovery Institute, best-selling author, futurist

The Capitalist Manifesto is a call to arms to those who believe in the economics of the Founding.”  Lewis E. Lehrman, businessman, philanthropist, Reagan Gold Commissioner


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