Conservatives who opposed to what they see as a “radical ideology masquerading as environmentalism” are asking GOP governors, attorneys general, and state legislatures to #resist the more onerous aspects of what they describe as President Biden’s extremist EPA.

Expected State Attorney General Action in Response to Post-Election – www.lexology.com

From www.lexology.com 2021-03-02 09:50:35 The Situation: With a new federal administration committed to expansive environmental policy change, a wave of state attorney general environmental action is likely also on the horizon.

The Result: As new environmental initiatives rollout, state attorneys general will likely become more active in challenging or supporting proposed regulatory changes. While some of this activity may fall along party lines, some will be bipartisan. An uptick in enforcement actions is also likely looming, as state attorneys general embrace the new administration’s emphasis on environmental change.

Looking Ahead: State attorneys general have increasingly acted through multistate coalitions in recent years, coordinating on both policy and enforcement. Such collaboration, in combination with the broad investigative and enforcement power available to state attorneys general, poses unique risks to businesses, who should remain vigilant in their compliance and mindful of the shifting environmental landscape.