Will the Ruling Class Succeed in Sealing Off Social Media Tech from Dissenters Altogether?

By Paul Collier- We at The Freedomist are not exclusively conservative, though some of us are, and some of us are other things as well (like me, a political agnostic at best), so for us, we fight for liberty for all, regardless, for all who bend the knee to King Bill, the Bill of Rights.

This warning from Media Research Center VP Dan Gainor is framed within a conservative consideration for a more universal problem, the problem of monopolized, behind-pay-walls, pay-for-service technologies now in the hands of what I call Citadelians who have clearly demonstrated a commitment to total and complete war against the American people in the last year alone.

(Editor Note: Citadelian is just a shorthand way of decribing a sort of “Citadel” where the ruling class live at ease, surrounded by the “Poors”, whose toil feeds the Citadel. It’s not an ideological thing, it’s sometimes worse and sometimes better, but the the people who seek to control and rule others while pretending to be their moral superiors, they are classic “Citadelians.”)

The Citadelians have cities and they mean to exclude you from them, cities built on exclusivity exclusively. Their entire foundation is built on privileged, special, gun-protected knowledge, tech, the idea of it, not what they build. Even our entertainment IP is controlled by these same Citadelians, and they use that now as weapons of war against the American people as well.

We live in a time when micro-factories can rise across cities and create from the patterns alone, with no human craft required to produce the essential elements of the product, most of our essential manufacturing needs.

3D printing is here and it is not going anywhere. It is already capable of producing multiplicities of ranges of products here and now that, if unleashed, could instantly transform the whole way humans manufacture today.

The major drawback is the IP, the Intellectual Property. And there is tremendous Citadelian disincentive to develop family or neighborhood-scaled 3D printers with any real capacity to match their industrial ones, as they would be surrendering their significant power advantage by doing so.

Without such militant IP as we have today, the tech flows, the patterns expand, and we have already micro-factories rising across neighborhoods throughout the land, printing and recycling what was printed which is now no longer needed or is broken.

They want you in cities where pay-for-service is controlled by the few and technology dribbles out to the masses in protected boxes that offer little customization, and pale in comparison to the toys the Citadelians allow themselves to possess. They filter you out by artificially creating cost through IP exclusivity ruthlessly exploited and protected by state guns.

I can understand why Gainor failed to see this underlying issue, for it’s a bit of a third rail in conservative politics to talk about, Intellectual Property. The reason these Corpostates can lockdown tech from the ‘undesirables,’ the ‘unorthodox,’ the ‘heretics’ is because of the power of Intellectual Property.

Even as we speak, while these lockdowns continue, destroying larger and larger non-corpostate enterprises, Intellectual Property is being bought up and taken behind firewalls, to be repackaged as pay for service, where a few companies offer the vast majority of needs in your daily lives.

Contracts, terms of service will now be part of your smart refrigerator lease, for instance, that will have morality clauses, of course.

I admire Gainor for sounding a needed alarm, but I wish he could look deeper below what he imagines is where the problems lie, which, in part, is the power of a few banks now also willing to weaponize their monopolistic advantage for political ends. This, however, can be more easily overcome than the problem of accessing tech to compete with the Citadelian, when they own all the patents and therefore the licenses, the exclusivity, the power that alone they depend on and alone they will fall on.

Conservatives might well be left behind what’s coming if they continue to play the myth of rule of law in a land that certified a “mass mailer election.”

(Editor Note: We are not saying the election was illegally rigged or stolen, it’s just that the rules were changed at the end, all exclusively to the benefit of Democrats and the entire process was made opaque. The GOP failed both before and after, and still, to substantively address these issues in a manner that would level the playing field and return transparency.)

What’s coming are black markets, grey markets, new intentional communities in undesired lands.

People will hack and destroy to create sovereign space, and we live in a time where technology is on the side of the pirates, if pirates need we be. Like the farmers hacking John Deere tractors to win back their sovereignty, so too will the Freedomists of today and tomorrow hack to free people from pay-for-service bonds.

The Freedomists are like the Harry Tuttles of ‘Brazil,’ who hacked peoples’ homes to get repairs outside the controls, so to speak. Harry was restoring sovereignty to the people by hacking the controlling tech.

Perhaps conservatives might care to consider raising the Jolly Roger and attacking the root of the power, Intellectual Property. It is the destroyer of Prometheus and it must be contained, but not entirely eliminated (because Prometheus might need a bit restraint, at least for now).

If they won’t let you play in their cities, Dan, it might be time to build your own. To Haides with their Intellectual Property! (so to speak)

MRC VP Dan Gainor: ‘Technology’ Could Be Closed to Conservatives – www.newsbusters.org

From www.newsbusters.org 2021-02-22 03:06:00 NB StaffMRC Vice President Dan Gainor warned that conservatives would be closed off to the kinds of platforms they needed to succeed. Gainor was joined by congressmen, industry experts and religious figures to speak at an event hosted by the Repeal and Replace Section 230 Coalition.

“Every aspect of technology is now being closed off to the conservative movement,” said Gainor, describing what happened to free speech platform Parler. “Conservatives can lose their credit card and have their bank shut down. We’ve moved into a world now where the corporate world works in complete conjunction with the left.”

He continued with an idea to consider: “Conservatives need to talk about a wonky word that Washington loves: infrastructure. There needs to be a conservative infrastructure so that these companies can’t destroy us.