Isaiah 32:7 As for the scoundrel, his devices are evil.  He plans wicked schemes to ruin the poor with lying words, even when the plea of the needy is right.

There is a growing movement in America these days, one that, at various points, I myself had been tempted to ascribe to, Christian Nationalism, specifically Christian American Nationalism, though they never refer to themselves in the epithet that more accurately defines them.

Christian Nationalism is rested largely on an assumption that all nation-states are judged by God, and those that are unrighteous will receive God’s wrath, so our nation-state, the American nation-state, must be a Christian nation, officially, in order to not be judged by God.

I do believe nation-states are judged.  Isaiah and Jeremiah alone testify to this.  Cities, nested states within states, were judged by Christ.  Woe to you Bethsaida….  So, on this, I do not disagree with the Christian Nationalists.

I also want to add a HUGE caveat here as I go forward; I do not believe that the people who are enjoining in this Christian Nationalist program are outside the faith, only in error.  I also don’t believe that my perspective should be assumed (and isn’t by me) to be certainly the right interpretation of a Christian’s role in the civic affairs of all, believer and non-believer alike, though I feel highly confident I will find, when I come before the Lord, I was right in my assumptions.

Christian Nationalism, I believe, misses the significance of the temptation of Christ in the desert by Satan, who offered to Christ all the kingdoms of the earth, here and now, an earthly power defined by earthly needs.

He offered a shortcut to the conquest of the world, a pain-free path to Kingship of the earth, knowing, as surely he did,  that Christ must confront, in a spiritually and physically tortuous manner (far beyond the torture any human could ever experience, far beyond the lashes and the nails as well), the sins of all of humanity throughout all of human existence in its fallen but transforming form (we are liminal creatures, we children of God, caught between the stone and the flesh of the heart).

Satan himself could not comprehend a will that would humiliate itself, subject itself to such debased acts by creatures that are as the speck of the speck  of the speck of the dust that lies at the feet of an eternally present King, so he could not understand that Christ would not be tempted by such a hollow gift as kingship over the mud but not the spirit, which is what He came to take authority over, the spiritual authority of this land, not the mud authority.  Truly, pride goeth before the fall, just as it did for Haman.

Spirit is action, knowing, doing, what we build say, speak, hear, and pattern.

Christian Nationalism is mud authority, not spiritual authority, a people, a nation, whose God is the Lord in our hearts, not by law.

Christ himself excoriated his disciples for using a sword to stop his capture from taking place, though he did not excoriate them for having two swords, but rather exhorted them to have them in the first place (knowing they were in violation of his earlier command to not carry a sword or a moneybag until now).

He said two will be enough, because (and this is my understanding) two swords provide defense, 11 swords build a conquering army.  Defend your lives from behind your city gates, but do not conquer the institutions of man, who is not part of the new man, and in whose sin God alone is intended to judge and punish, and of whom we were once, and now are being transformed not by our doing, not by our powers, but by the work of God alone, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We are saved by grace, and grace is not grace if it is ever ‘earned.’  Thus we are no better than the fallen we seek to serve through Christ, for Christ, of Christ, by Christ.

We in our stone hearts seek to answer Satan’s call, to take the shortcut, to not build a spiritual nation whose God is the Lord, to not BE a spiritual nation whose God is the Lord, but rather we seek to hasten that arrival by taking 11 swords instead of 2 and marching on Rome herself, as if state institutions can ever make a righteous people.

Righteousness emerges from those that compose the building and the running of institutions and forms, not from the institutions and forms themselves.  A righteous people will build righteously, an unrighteous people will not.  The Lord conquered death, He can surely overcome man’s fallen institutions and deliver his truth to the hearts of those trapped in these ungodly patterns.

He overcame the slavery of the Israelites in Egypt, but His temple was not enough to keep their hearts on Him.

Christian Nationalism has arisen in a land in which the understanding of Christian Civilization, the necessity of Christian civilization for a people of God to fully live out his righteous patterns in every aspect of our lives, has been lost.

America was and will again, God willing, be a Christian Nation, not through laws, but through hearts with Christ.  So long as a people reject God, who are you to force Him on them when He himself delays his hand from the harvest so that sin might find its full ripening and His judgment will be wholly Just, by His own standards of Justice, that which glorifies the Lord?

The Lord waits to be patient for you, therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you, for the Lord is a God of Justice.  Blessed are those who WAIT for the Lord.    Isaiah 30:18

But we as a Christian people have sacrificed our civilization long ago on the altar of America.  What was once a flawed beacon of a nation that emerged from a mostly Christian people became the fetish of our desires.  So the flag gets praise before every football game, not God, because THAT is the heart of the people.

We surrendered our responsibility to have a civilization and fought for it on political ballots instead of on unwanted lands where we could build and demonstrate God’s love, mercy, glory, and power through how we as a fully functioning Christian civilization, with our own schools, movies, banks, etc, can be the shining cities on hills across this land.

Our cities will glorify the Lord and minister to the low places and bring the high places of Ba’al to ruin, while still being obedient to the state God has given us except wherever the state’s edicts defy God’s laws.

By this they will know Christ, by how WE love one another, and love is a civilization, not a weekend ritual.

John 13: 34-35
A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.
 By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

We are not a city-building people, we are a city-dependent people, and these cities do not belong to the righteous (though the whole of the land is the Lord’s), nor are they there for the righteous to take by force. Their very designs cry out for justice, where the weak are consigned to hovels and the powerful build their homes on the high places.

When the state creates laws that assume God is their subject and not their sovereign, do we rise up to take down the state?  No, we resist through noncompliance, allowing our very bodies to be testaments to the righteous strength of a people of God who don’t even fear imprisonment or death.  This is the principle of turning the other cheek.  And if you have no cities, you have no civic authority to righteously defend yourselves when they knock on your door.

If you seek to kill our children, we will defend their lives, but we will not seek to conquer, only to preserve our own cities (which we should be building right now), not to conquer yours.  Let the Lord judge when he separates the wheat from the chaff, not us, it is not our right, it is not our power.

Right now, across this land, there are low places crying out, and we as a people of God have little power to help them (outside of His supernatural will overcoming our sins, our weaknesses), for we have no cities to equip the body.  So the deceivers, mankind, and not Godkind, do what deceivers do, they offer promises of great bounty and bloodthirsty revenge to the low places from their high places, which they will never surrender or diminish willingly, no matter how much they tell you otherwise.

The deceivers trick the needy with lying words, intending to destroy them, but their pleas are real, and they are real because we, as children of the Lord, are a people without a disciple-equipping civilization to serve them with.  Hitler, Mao, Biden, all, from Washington to Trump, all are in part and sometimes in whole, earthly kings with earthly goals, all relying on the pleas of the needy to justify their crimes.

Our faith is a total faith, a faith that assumes consensual governance over EVERY aspect of EVERY minute of EVERY life that submits in fear and love to the one true King.   And yet our faith today is reduced to Sunday services and Merry Christmases, little more.

Our faith commands architecture and science, farming and industry, and little do you realize the power of the Lord’s patterns being injected into these human forms of organizing and preserving.  Patterns of the Lord are to be the patterns of our total lives, so that our very buildings, our very sciences reflect the righteous hearts that designed them.

We are called to be Christian nations under one nation, the nation of the Lord, with diverse expressions but one King, nations that build cities and towns in the hinterlands so that deserts eclipse fertile valleys in their prosperity.

Only through living total Christian civilization, consensually, amongst the fallen empires of the alien man (alien to the priests and priestesses of Christ, the liminal ones), who can be reborn to become our brothers and sisters in Christ (and for which we labor, for our reward has already been granted so that we have nothing left to live for but the hope of glorifying the Lord in every breath we take, and mourning until our cousins, man, return to the source of their being, the Lord), will we as a body be equipped to equip the priests and priestesses, kings and queens of Christ so that all of the people of the land cry out for the Lord, and all that they do will reflect His glory, His justice, for believer and non-believer alike, making no state that forces God on the stone-hearted man.

Christian nationalism is no nation of God, but a fearful turning to desperate solutions that will  not yield the results God has put us on this planet to work towards, the harmonization of all of creation to the undeniable fact of the glory and power and love of God, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, from whom the son was sent to take on our righteous punishment from our own sins that we might know the Father and the Holy Spirit will do His work within us to transform the stones to flesh.

If we are to transform creation itself, we must be a civilization whose God is the Lord, not a nested hobby in a fallen land.